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Taylor Swift’s Hair Evolution: From Signature Curls To Super Straight Locks & More

Over the years, Taylor Swift has rocked a number of different hairstyles, and we're looking back at a timeline of all the different 'dos!

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Taylor Swift, 30, was just a teenager when she started her career in the music industry. Of course, her entire look has gone through a major transformation over the years, but the most noticeable change from then to now is the singer’s hair. Throughout her career, Taylor has changed her hairstyle a number of times, and she pulls off every look like a total pro.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift performs for fans in 2009. (SplashNews)

Of course, during the early years of Taylor’s career, she was known for her signature ringlet curls. While most girls her age were obsessed with flat-ironing their locks, Taylor kept her curls intact. There were subtle changes to the look throughout those early years — sometimes she had bangs swept across her forehead, while other times her bangs were grown out to add more curls to her head — but the curly hair was definitely a staple of her look in the early days.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift out and about in 2011. (SplashNews)

As Taylor started growing up, she began styling the curls in more sophisticated hairstyles. Elegant updos became a staple for Taylor, even when she was wearing them with her street style. Oftentimes, the hair was parted to the side and pulled back, with curls falling down the front or side of her face.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift attends the 2013 American Music Awards. (SPLASHNEWS)

By 2012, Taylor finally jumped on-board the straight hair train. She cut blunt bangs and got rid of the curls. Most of her looks during this time featured bangs straight across her forehead, and her hair pin straight or in loose waves. Sometimes, she went a little edgier with the look, like at the 2013 American Music Awards (above). There, the bang were much wispier, and her hair was tousled into a purposely messy look.

By 2015, Taylor had chopped her hair into a shorter style, and nailed the art of straightening it, while also adding volume. By 2016, her hair barely fell below her ears, and she began adding little curls to it once again. Of course, Taylor’s biggest fans will also remember that she dyed her hair bleach blonde in April 2016, and was sporting the platinum look for several months after that.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift out in New York City in 2018. (SplashNews)

Taylor disappeared from the spotlight at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, and when she returned, her hair was back to a curly look. She still had straight bangs, but she often wore her hair in some sort of a curly ‘do. On her Reputation tour in 2018, the tighter, wet-looking curls were her go-to look.

After that era, she added some pink to her hair and began styling it in lighter, looser waves. Amidst the coronavirus quarantine in 2020, though, she seems to have went back to her curly roots. With no hairstylists on-hand, Taylor has been doing her own hair, and we’ve seen her with super curly bangs on a number of occasions. Click through the gallery above to check out an evolution of Taylor’s hair over the years!