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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Vault Tracks: Breaking Down the 5 New Songs and What They’re About

Taylor Swift fans are obsessing over the five new vault tracks from '1989 (Taylor's Version)' that appear to reference her infamous relationship with Harry Styles.

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Taylor Swift
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1989: Taylor’s Version is finally here — with five vault tracks that take fans back in time to a vulnerable point in Taylor Swift‘s life. The new songs from the re-recorded album released October 27 appear to be all about Taylor’s breakup with Harry Styles, which in part inspired her beloved pop album that came out in 2014. Some of the original 1989 tracks like “Style,” “Out of the Woods,” and “Wonderland” include nods to Taylor’s brief but memorable relationship with the former One Direction member that lasted for less than a year.

In her five new vault tracks, which were all supposed to be released with the rest of 1989 nine years ago, Taylor sings her heart out about Harry and makes specific references to their breakup. Here’s the full breakdown of the vault tracks from 1989 (Taylor’s Version).


Taylor’s first vault track, “Slut,” comments on the public reaction to her life at the time that she came out with the pop album. “But if I’m all dressed up / They might as well be lookin’ at us,” Taylor sings. “And if they call me a slut / You know it might be worth it for once.”

“Slut” seems to be the sister song to “Blank Space,” which was one of her biggest singles from 1989. In “Blank Space,” Taylor says she’s a “rose garden filled with thorns,” and in “Slut,” she says she has “love thorns all over this rose.”

Taylor also appears to bring up Harry in “Slut!”. She sings, “Everyone wants him, that was my crime / The wrong place at the right time / And I break down, then he’s pullin’ me in / In a world of boys, he’s a gentleman.”

Say Don’t Go

Taylor’s second vault track, “Say Don’t Go,” was written by Taylor and Diane Warren. The song is about one half of a couple who is not ready to give up on the relationship, even after experiencing heartbreak from their partner. Taylor seems to be talking about Harry, who she split from the year before 1989 came out.

“Why’d you have to lead me on? / Why you’d have to twist the knife? / Walk away and leave me bleeding,” Taylor sings. “Why’d you whisper in the dark? / Just to leave me in the night? / Now your silence has me screamin’, screamin’.”

Now That We Don’t Talk

Taylor’s third vault track, “Now That We Don’t Talk,” was clearly written in the aftermath of her breakup from Harry. Taylor does not hold back in the lyrics as she embraces moving on from the relationship. She even gives a nod to Harry’s hair!

“You grew your hair long / You got new icons. And from the outside / It looks like you’re tryin’ lives on,” Taylor sings. “I miss the old ways / You didn’t have to change / But I guess I don’t have a say / Now that we don’t talk.”

Suburban Legends

Taylor’s fourth vault track, “Suburban Legends,” is about two lovers who have found great success beyond their small town, but may not be able to survive as a couple. Taylor imagines the couple going to their high school reunion together in the song

“Would surprise the whole school / When I ended up back at our class reunion / Walkin’ in with you,” Taylor sings. “You’d be more than a chapter in my old diaries /
With the pages ripped out / I am standin’ in a 1950s gymnasium / And I can still see you now.”

Is It Over Now?

Taylor’s fifth and final vault track, “Is It Over Now?”, has the most obvious references to her relationship with Harry. The lyrics mention the iconic 2013 photo of Taylor sitting alone on a boat in the Virgin Islands wearing a blue dress and black sunglasses after the stars broke up on vacation. “Blue dress / On a boat / Your new girl / Is my clone,” she sings.

Taylor also uses the song to call Harry a “lying traitor” out of anger over their split. “And did you think I didn’t see you? / There were flashin’ lights/ At least I had the decency / To keep my nights out of sight,” Taylor sings. “Only rumors ’bout my hips and thighs /And my whispered sighs.”