Tatum O’Neal’s Famous Parents: Everything to Know About Ryan O’Neal & Joanna Moore

Actress Tatum O'Neal mourned her late father Ryan O'Neal in a statement. Find out more about both of her famous parents here.

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Film and TV lovers know that Tatum O’Neal, 60, is famous in her own right. After all, at the age of 10, she became the youngest winner at the Oscars for her work in Paper Moon. In recent years, many might recognize her from her role as Kyra in Sex and The City after Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes were stolen at Kyra’s party in Season 6. While Tatum is very successful on her own, both of her parents were also famed actors: Joanna Moore and Ryan O’Neal.

Joanna died in 1993, but Ryan passed away more recently on December 8, 2023. He was 82 years old. Following his death, Tatum paid tribute to her father in a statement to People“I feel great sorrow with my father’s passing,” she told the outlet. “He meant the world to me. I loved him very much and know he loved me too. I’ll miss him forever and I feel very lucky that we ended on such good terms.”

Get to know more about both of Tatum’s parents below.

Tatum O’Neal’s Father, Ryan O’Neal

Ryan O'neal
Ryan O’Neal at an event in 2015. (Shutterstock)

Tatum followed in both of her parent’s footsteps, as her dad, Ryan, was also a famous actor. At the time of his death, the late actor had retired, but his work remains iconic to this day. Tatum even acted alongside her dad in Paper Moon, in which she won the Oscar for. Some of Ryan’s other credits include working on the 1970 film Love StoryBarry Lyndon (1975), What’s Up, Doc? (1972), Oliver’s Story (1978), and many more.

His work earned him many impressive accolades over the years, including an Oscar nomination for his work on Love StoryIn 1971, he was nominated for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” for his work alongside actress Ali MacGraw, 84. Some of the other impressive talents Ryan worked alongside include Hollywood legend Barbra StreisandBook Club star Candice BergenIron Man‘s Robert Downey Jr., and others.

Following Ryan’s marriage to Joanna, he went on to marry actress, Leigh Taylor-Young, who he was married to from 1967 to 1974. Leigh and Ryan welcomed one son, Patrick O’Neal, (b. 1967). Meanwhile, he also welcomed a son named Redmond O’Neal (b. 1985) with the late actress Farrah Fawcett.

Ryan’s death was announced by Patrick on December 8. “My dad passed away peacefully today, with his loving team by his side supporting him and loving him as he would us. This is very difficult for my wife, Summer, and I, but I will share some feelings to give you an idea of how great a man he is,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Tatum O’Neal’s Mother, Joanna Moore

Not only was Tatum raised by an A-lister father, but her mother, Joanna, was also a Hollywood starlet. The late beauty appeared in many impressive films including the 1958 horror film, Monster on the Campus. Joanna also appeared in the 1962 movie, Follow That Dream, alongside the late music legend, Elvis Presley. By 1962, Joanna acted alongside the iconic Jane Fonda, 85, in the film Walk on the Wild Side.

Joanna Moore
Joanna Moore (R) with her daughter, Tatum O’Neal, in 1980. (Shutterstock)

Sadly, Joanna died at the age 63 in 1997. Her marriage to Ryan was her second and lasted from 1963 until 1967. Her first marriage was to the late actor, Don Oreck, who she was married to from 1955 to 1957. Finally, her final marriage was to Gary L. Reeves who she remained married to from 1975 until their split one year later. During her marriage to Ryan, the couple welcomed Tatum’s brother, Griffin O’Neal, 58.

What Has Tatum O’Neal Said About Her Parents?

Tatum has spoken about her parents publicly several times. She even suggested that her and her father had a tough relationship after her Oscar win when she was a child. “People say that he was jealous and maybe that was it,” she told the London Times in 2011 of her dad’s absence from the ceremony. “Obviously, I wish he’d been there. He’s just really selfish.”

In recent years, however, it would appear that Ryan and his daughter have a closer bond, as she recently celebrated his birthday with him on Apr. 21, 2023. “Happy birthday dad I love you,” she captioned the photo alongside her dad. And in Apr. 2020, Tatum shared a throwback photo of her mother to reminisce on the times they had together. “Thinking about & missing my beautiful and talented mother the last few days…Her body may not still with us, but her giant spirit lives with me everyday. Till then mama …,” she captioned the black-and-white glamour shot.