Sheryl Crow’s Sons: Everything to Know About Her 2 Boys Wyatt & Levi

The 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is also a mom to two adopted sons. Get to know more about the "Picture" singer's two boys here.

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Sheryl Crow is a musical icon, who has performed in a wide array of genres. She’s influenced other artists across the musical spectrum, from rock to pop to country. She’s sold millions of albums worldwide and had plenty of hit songs, like “Picture”, “If It Makes You Happy”, “All I Wanna Do”, and many more. She’s also won nine Grammys for her work.

In 2023, Sheryl was honored for her lifetime of achievements when she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November. Her two sons Wyatt and Levi also accompanied her for the special event. The 2023 induction ceremony will air for viewers on Monday, January 1, and fans will be able to see Sheryl perform and accept her induction.

What some fans may not know is that Sheryl is a mom to two sons, whom she adopted in 2007 and 2010. She’s opened up about how both of the boys have been a real blessing for her in a 2014 interview with Good Housekeeping“They understand that they came out of different tummies. But they also believe, as do I, that God put us together. They know how blessed I am to get to be their mommy,” she said.

Get to know both of Sheryl’s boys here!

Wyatt Steven

Sheryl and Wyatt at the ‘Cars’ premiere. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Sheryl adopted her older son Wyatt, 16, in 2007. While she had had a few major romances (and engagements) over the years, Sheryl had never officially gotten married and met someone to start a family with. In May 2007, she announced that she’d adopted the newborn Wyatt in a blog post on her website. “I am so excited to share with you guys that I’ve adopted a little boy ..he was born 2 weeks ago,” she wrote. “His name is Wyatt (after my dad) Steven (after my little brother and Scooter) and we are enjoying some very private family time.”

A year after Wyatt was born, she gushed about him in an interview with Woman’s Day, where she also revealed that he’d inspired much of her album Detours. “He’s a very friendly little boy. I’m so proud of him,” she said, via People. “As any new parent will attest, it’s such a gift having this little spirit looking to you for protection and the answers to the unknowns. Having him is the greatest reward I have ever experienced.”

In that interview, she also spoke about how she’d set out to become a mom after finishing breast cancer treatment. “I started the process of arranging to adopt after I completed my breast cancer radiation. I felt I’d gone through a lot and I was ready to do this, to become a mom. I’d always aspired to do this, and decided I’d put it off no more, even if it meant going it alone,” she said.

Three years after adopting Wyatt, the “Soak Up the Sun” singer spoke about her love for her son. “He changed my life completely,” she told Elle“I’ve really put roots down with him. His happiness is my priority.”

Sheryl has said that she has pushed both of her kids to play piano, and she admitted that even though she’s unsure if he’ll become a musician, he is very talented. “My 15-year-old, he’s got a great ear and can play really well,” she told People“I think he will always tinker, but he wants to be a marine biologist, so I don’t know how to compete with that because it’s such an— I don’t even know what they do. So I’m happy for him to go save the reefs. That’s what he wants to do.”

Levi James

Sheryl and the boys at the 2023 Rock Hall induction. (Michael Zorn/Shutterstock)

In 2010, Sheryl adopted her second son Levi, 13, after having some issues securing a second adoption, as she revealed in an interview with Redbook. “I was hoping to adopt a child when Wyatt was 2; a lot of the adoptions fell through. But things always work out perfectly,” she said. “And for Wyatt, 2 would have been too early. It would have been difficult for his self-esteem. But 3 is perfect because he’s very well established now in who he is.”

In that interview, the singer also revealed that her older son helped her when it came to feeding, burping, and bathing his younger brother. With both of her kids, she often hid their faces on social media, but both of them were featured in her “Forever” music video, showing sweet moments from their childhood.

Now that they’re both teens, each have been becoming more of themselves, including developing their own tastes in music. Sheryl explained what type of stuff her kids liked to listen to in a February 2023 interview with E! News“They’re into pop music and they’re into rap music, and they’re also into country music,” she explained. “They’re both really into Zach Bryan right now, so I’m learning. I’m getting educated on what’s current and what’s hitting right now.”