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Sam Smith’s Tattoos & Their Meaning: Everything To Know About Their Ink

The 'Unholy' singer admitted they got 'so many bad tattoos' that they aren't too particular about adding new ones to the huge collection!

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  • Sam Smith is a Grammy-winning artist whose single ‘Unholy’ dominated the charts at the end of 2022
  • The singer, who identifies as non-binary, received backlash for wearing a sequined jumpsuit at a concert performance, prompting fans to defend them by calling out the ‘fatphobia’
  • Sam admitted they have over 35 tattoos on their body and said they will try out a “face tattoo” when they turn 70

Sam Smith dominated the pop charts at the end of 2022 with their “Unholy” single featuring Kim Petras. While some fans couldn’t seem to get enough of the club banger, others weren’t so happy with Sam’s performance of it at the Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in London, as their glittery jumpsuit caused a bit of backlash, including “fat shaming.” The “On My Mind” hitmaker received an outpouring of support at the time, as true fans know Sam has struggled with their body image and gender over a lifetime, coming out as “non-binary” in 2019.

Sam Smith has a wild collection of tattoos. ( Lisa Walker/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

Since the announcement, Sam has often made note on their Instagram about their journey to self-love, which includes embracing their body, and its art. The Grammy winner recently revealed on The Jennifer Hudson Show that they have around 35 tattoos! When asked how they choose which image to get burned into their skin, Sam said that they pick them out randomly! “I’m a bit reckless, on the day of, I’m like, ‘Just do it,'” they explained, before joking, ‘Cause I’ve got so many bad ones I just don’t care anymore.”

Keep reading to find out more about Sam’s collection of tattoos, below!

Finger rings

Sam Smith had the equal sign tattooed on his ring finger. (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

Sam revealed that their very first tattoos were placed on both of their index fingers. “I never planned to be a tattoo person actually,” he told British GQ in November 2022. “I got these two when i was 17,” they added while holding up their index fingers, which featured two diamond rings inked on them. “I think I probably have nearly 30 now because I’m enjoying the coverage.”


While speaking with Jennifer Hudson, Sam admitted their least favorite tattoo is the image of the word “alone” plastered to their right bicep. On Instagram, they explained, “This is just me being a melancholy t**t. Hah. I do see it as a small positive though… No longer lonely… Just alone… Which is ok x. Thought I’d share these with you because I love them.”

Kissing Couple

Sam has an outline image of what appears to be James Dean and Marlon Brando kissing. The body art is on their left shoulder and would seem to indicate their fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

Standing in mirror


Sam Smith has an image of a boy in underwear and high heels staring into a mirror. (David Fisher/Global/Shutterstock)

After Sam let the world know that they identify as “non-binary,” a tattoo was in order to celebrate! Sam had an incredible cartoon image of a boy looking into a full-length mirror while wearing only underwear and high heels. The tattoo was inked by artist Miles Langford on April 22, 2021, according to their Instagram.

Equal sign

Sam took to their Instagram to show off their equal signs tattooed on their ring finger, which represents the fight for marriage equality. Sharing a snap of the body art, Sam wrote, “This one is pretty self-explanatory. It shows my views on gay marriage and equality for all.”

Bird & Urdu

Sam Smith filled up their left forearm with body art. (Shutterstock)

A gorgeous image of a black bird is inked on the British heartthrob’s left forearm. A word in the Urdu Language is placed next to the bird according to BodyArtGuru. The outlet reported that the bird is a symbol of courage and freedom.

The letter ‘B’

On their index finger, Sam has the letter “B” tattooed. BodyArtGuru claims the letter stands for Sam’s former partner Brandon Flynn, as Sam is now reportedly in a relationship with Francois Rocci.

Red pumps

Sam has a cute image of red high heels inked near their left wrist. It would appear to be an homage to one of their favorite accessories. “I feel just as much woman as I am man. I got teased for it. But there were also people respecting me for walking around like that in my school,” they told the Evening Standard in 2017. “I just buy everything, heels, dresses. I love a heel. I’ve got loads of heels at home.”

Pete’s Dragon

Sam showed off his love for one of Disney’s classic movies. The singer had the cartoon dragon Elliot from 1977’s Pete’s Dragon.

Puffer fish

During their visit to The Jennifer Hudson Show in November 2022, Sam revealed their most recent body ink. The performer said they had a “puffer fish” on their left forearm. “I like when the tattoos look a bit masculine, but they actually have nice friendly undertones,” he told the host.

Spitfire plane

Also on the talk show, Sam explained how they ended up with a “weird” tattoo shortly after their first two ones on their index fingers. “Then I got one on my ankle,” they told Jennifer. “I got a really weird one, a Spitfire plane, I dunno why. When I was drunk in Malia.”

Upcoming Tattoo Plans

Lastly, on the same talk show, Sam told Jennifer that they will be brave enough to get a face tattoo when they are much older…but they will keep it at a respectable size. “Then when I’m 80, I’ll get a huge one on my face,” Sam quipped.