‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5: The Cast Revealed & Everything We Know So Far

The 'Love Is Blind' hype continues. The season 5 singles and the official trailer have finally been revealed.

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  • Love Is Blind is a popular dating reality show on Netflix that debuted in 2020.
  • The official trailer was released on September 7.
  • Season 5 will premiere on September 22.

Love Is Blind will return for season 5 sooner than you think. This September, Love Is Blind will kick off a whole new season as fall TV officially gets underway. After months of waiting, the official season 5 trailer and the cast have been unveiled. Across 10 episodes, the Love Is Blind singles will embark on journeys of romance and self-discovery.

In the season 5 trailer, the new singles open up their hearts and discuss their pasts. There will be proposals and weddings aplenty, as well as drama. “She planned for us to both be here because she couldn’t let me go,” cast member Uche says in the trailer.

Stacy is a new ‘Love Is Blind’ cast member. (Netflix)

Love Is Blind season 4 proved that people can truly fall in love without ever seeing each other — but that doesn’t mean things will work out. The show followed five couples who got engaged after dating in individual “pods” without being able to see each other. By the finale episode, three original couples were engaged, and a new one had formed. At the end of it all, Love Is Blind viewers watched Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown, Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah, and Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi say, “I do,” at the altar, while Micah Lussier and Paul Peden went their separate ways.

The entire season was filled with sweet moments but also had its fair share of tortuous and awkward scenes. The reunion episode included all of those moments as well — including a painful 90-minute delay due to Netflix being unable to handle the influx of users for the live-streamed event. On the bright side, so many people logged on that Netflix is keeping the Love Is Blind train running at full speed. Read on to learn all there is to know about season 5 of Love Is Blind.

Has Love Is Blind Been Renewed For Season 5?

Love Is Blind was renewed for a fifth season even before its fans crashed Netflix on April 16, 2023. In a February 2022 press release, the hit dating reality show was renewed through season 5 after its second season “marked five consecutive weeks on Netflix’s global Top 10 list for English-language TV series.” The announcement revealed that season 3 would air in 2022, and two more seasons would film after that.

When Will Season 5 Of Love Is Blind Air?

Love Is Blind season 5 will premiere on September 22. New episodes will roll out each Friday across 10 episodes. The first 4 episodes will drop on September 22. On September 29, episodes 5 to 7 will drop. Week 3 will air on October 6 and will consist of episodes 8 and 9. The finale, featuring the weddings, will stream on October 13.

Izzy is looking for love in season 5. (Netflix)

The premiere season of Love Is Blind was released in February 2020, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sophomore season didn’t come out until February 2022. Season 3 dropped in October 2022, while season 4 debuted in March 2023.

Love Is Blind Season 5 Cast

The Love Is Blind season 5 cast was announced on September 7. The new singles include:

Aaliyah – 29, ICU Travel Nurse
Carter – 30, Construction
Chris – 28, Project Manager for Commercial and Retail Development
Connor – 31, Geoscientist
Efrain – 27, Software Sales
Enoch – 27, Financial Advisor
Erica – 27, Marketing Manager
Ernesto – 32, Supply Chain Manager, Oil and Gas
Estefania – 30, Teacher/Dancer
Izzy – 31, Sales
Jared “JP” – 32, Firefighter
Jarred – 34, University Director
Johnie – 32, Lawyer
Josh – 32, Sales Rep
Justice – 28, Personal Trainer
Linda – 32, Talent Acquisition Recruiter
Lydia – 32, Geologist
Maris – 30, HR Specialist
Mayra – 25, Minister
Milton – 25, Petroleum Engineer
Miriam – 32, Scientist
Paige – 32, Stylist
Renee – 32, Veterinarian
Robert – 30, Special Education Teacher
Shondra – 32, Flight Attendant
Stacy – 34, Director of Operations
Taylor – 26, Teacher
Uche – 34, Lawyer / Entrepreneur

Co-host Nick Lachey revealed the entire fifth season had already been filmed earlier this year. “We’ve filmed 5 seasons,” he told Women’s Health in March 2023. “Every single [season] has been so different from the others, so that’s what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.” Nick and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, are back to host the fifth season.

Love Is Blind
Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back as the co-hosts of season 5. (Netflix)

Where Was Season 5 Of Love Is Blind Filmed?

Love Is Blind is taking over The Bayou City. Love Is Blind season 5 was filmed in Houston, Texas. Past seasons were filmed in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle.

A casting producer for Love Is Blind named Mary Myers posted a casting call (seen here) on her Instagram page in 2022, which revealed the show was looking for singles searching for their perfect match in Washington, D.C., Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan, and Tampa, Florida. Perhaps future seasons of the show will head to those cities.

What Has Been Revealed About Love Is Blind Season 5?

The official synopsis for season 5 reads: “The fifth season of the cultural hit reality series returns with a new group of Houston singles ready to hit the pods and find love. As the experiment continues to expand, each participant’s individual journey, emotional growth, and ability to embrace a new approach to dating is key — whether they find love outwardly or within. In the most shocking season yet, the singles face new challenges, unexpected twists, and surprising turns that will test their personal resolve, and the strength of their connections, more than ever before. Even if the couples can forge a strong enough bond to get engaged sight unseen, can their love survive the challenges waiting for them in the outside world — including protective families, skeptical friends, and the exes they thought they’d left behind?”

In his chat with Women’s Health, Nick confirmed that fans will continue to see diverse couples. “There is quite a bit of diversity in the casting,” he noted. “Speaking as someone who’s there [sic] from day one, and sees all the people that are there from day one, I do think that they’ve [the casting directors] done a good job of trying to cast diversely and will continue to. You’ll see that in season three and four and five.”