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Kyle Richards’ & Morgan Wade’s Friendship: Everything to Know About the Rumors Surrounding Their Relationship

Fans were convinced that the reality TV star and the music artist were dating at one point but then had a falling out. Kyle and Morgan have since addressed the rumors.

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Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards
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An overly publicized Hollywood split can put two people right at the center of attention — and this happened to Kyle Richards and her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky. However, a third party was also thrown into the breakup drama: Kyle’s friend Morgan Wade. Many speculated whether the two women were dating as they spent time together following Kyle’s split from Mauricio. Not only that, but many were also wondering if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and the musician had a falling out after both women deleted pictures of one another off from Instagram.

To find out what really went down between Kyle and Morgan, keep reading. 

Are Kyle and Morgan Still Friends? 

In February 2024, social media users discovered that Morgan had erased all photos of her and Kyle together from her Instagram. 

However, Kyle was quick to shut down any rumors of a feud, as she was approached by paparazzi about the situation, per Page Six. “We’re all good,” she said before acknowledging, “She’s got new [music] coming out. It’s very common for artists to do that. That didn’t mean anything.” 

Apart from Kyle’s clarification, Morgan also weighed in by noting on her Instagram Stators, “P.S. I am not fighting with @kylerichards18. It was a slow news week apparently.”

Nevertheless, fans noticed that Kyle had also deleted some photos of Morgan as well, which the Bravolebrity didn’t acknowledge. During a 2023 episode of RHOBH, though, Kyle described her friendship with Morgan as “very close” and pointed out that they “talk every day.” 

“Morgan is 100 percent herself. No excuses, no apologies and there was something very freeing about that to me,” the Halloween Kills actress said during a confessional. “I’m someone who’s always so worried about everything being so together and perfect that I, honestly, was just taken by that.” 

Are Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Dating? 

After Kyle and Mauricio confirmed they had separated over the summer of 2023, fans saw Morgan and Kyle hanging out together on numerous occasions. They also had shared social media pictures together, which sparked speculation among fans that they were dating. 

However, the dynamic duo knew exactly what to do. They played into the rumors when Morgan released the music video for her single “Fall in Love With Me,” which featured Kyle acted as her love interest. During a subsequent interview with PEOPLE, the country music artist confirmed that they were just friends.

“We’re friends. The Internet’s a dumb place,” Morgan clarified. She and Kyle even admitted they added onto the publicity in a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of Morgan’s music video.

“We thought it would kind of be a good idea to poke fun at that and troll the trolls a little bit … the internet is going to be popping off about this one, I’m sure,” Morgan said as Kyle added, “Well, if they’re gonna talk, we might as well give them something to talk about.”