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Kelly Clarkson’s Mom: Everything To Know About Jeanne Taylor

Who is Kelly Clarkson's mom? Here we breakdown all you need to know about Jeanne Taylor and her relationship with her all-star singer daughter.

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Kelly Clarkson is a well-known singer and television personality, with numerous fans all over the world. Those fans may not be too familiar with the “Because of You” singer’s family, including her mother Jeanne Taylor. Below we break down all you need know about Jeanne, from her career to her personal life to her relationship with Kelly.

Who Is Kelly Clarkson’s Mom? 

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson (AFF-USA/Shutterstock).

Jeanne Taylor (née Rose) is Kelly Clarkson’s mother, and she shares the “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer with ex-husband Stephen Michael Clarkson, a former engineer. Kelly is the youngest of three children, with a brother named Jason and a sister named Alyssa. Kelly’s parents divorced when she was six, and her father had two sons from his second marriage. In addition, Kelly’s brother went to live with their father while her sister lived with her aunt. Kelly remained with her mom, and they grew an intimate and close relationship.

Meanwhile, Jeanne, an English teacher, remarried another man named Jimmy Taylor. Jeanne, the daughter of Republican state senator, Isaiah Rose, raised her daughter Kelly as a Southern Baptist in what the singer described as a “conservative” household.

“I always grew up in church. I was the leader of our youth group. I’ve always grown up pretty close to church and with God,” Kelly once shared. “But I think I’ve just gotten a lot closer just because He’s the only one I can lean on. My family was highly conservative; I had to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday.”

Jeanne & Kelly Remain Close

Kelly loves telling intimate family stories on her talk show, sometimes including Jeanne on air as well. During a 2019 appearance, Jeanne joked about Kelly being a loud and talkative child, noting how her having a talk show was probably the best thing for her.

In addition, Jeanne talked about her career as a teacher and what lead her to the profession. “As I was growing up, I had good teachers and I had some that were not so good teachers,” she began. “I felt so bad for … not so much for myself because I behaved, but [for] some of the kids who had a hard time sitting still and doing things. Some of those teachers were really rude and they were mean and I thought, ‘I don’t ever wanna be that way.’

She continued, “I want kids to want to come to school, I want them to love learning. I want them to be a life-long learner, because I am. And I want it to be fun. I want to meet them at the door and welcome them in … I want them to love it!”

Kelly Has Very Different Relationships With Her Parents 

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson (Matt Baron/Shutterstock).

Unfortunately, after Jeanne and Kelly’s father’s divorce, he became somewhat estranged from the family. Kelly’s hit “Because of You” tracked this separation, as the lyrics were inspired by the heartbreak of the breakdown of her parents’ marriage. Kelly’s father died in 2018, and they remained somewhat strained until the end.

Kelly and her mom have a loving relationship, however, with Jeanne showing her support for her daughter in numerous ways. The pair have also had some interesting stories along the way! Kelly once shared the hilarious time her mom possibly thought she was a lesbian.

Months after Kelly separated from her husbandBrandon Blackstock, she told her mom of Glennon Doyle‘s memoir Untamed, where the author discusses the “wake-up call” that lead to her own divorce.

“So I was telling her about the book, so she got your book. Then she texted me and goes ‘is there a reason I’m supposed to be reading this book?’” Kelly said on an episode of her eponymous talk show, explaining how she was worried her mother took offense to the gesture. “But then she goes ‘Is this your way of coming out to me?” Kelly blurted out with a huge laugh.