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Julia Rose & Jake Paul’s Relationship Timeline: All The Ups & Downs Of Their Romance

Since 2020, Jake Paul and Julia Rose have had an on and off relationship. Here's what to know about the couple's many ups and downs!

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Jake Paul and Julia Rose
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Jake Paul, 25, and Julia Rose, 28, first hit the scene in 2020. But since then, their relationship has been rocky, to say the least. The Instagram model and the YouTuber turned boxer first met on the set of a music video, and apparently the romance blossomed quickly after that, burgeoning into quite a passionate liaison. And though the couple has since parted ways and come back together, it seems after more than two years, they have serious celebrity staying power.

Interest is increasing in the couple as Paul prepares to re-enter the professional boxing ring on August 6 at Madison Square Garden. Jake will face off against Hasim Rahman Jr after rival Tommy Fury backed out of a scheduled fight. He was previously seen kissing Julia after a December 2021 knockout victory over UFC champ Tyron Woodley. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Jake Paul and Julia Rose’s relationship, and their ups and downs along the way.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose’s Timeline

Julia Rose and Jake Paul
Julia Rose and Jake Paul in New York on February 2, 2022 (GHOST/Shutterstock)

They met on the set of a video in 2019.

Social media star Jake Paul and his girlfriend Julia Rose reportedly met in 2019 on the set of Jake’s music video for his song “These Days.” Julia played his girlfriend in the steamy video for the single by Jake Paul which interestingly foreshadowed their now years-long romance. According to a December 2021 interview with Graham Bensinger, it was love at first sight. “I told her I loved her the first day that we met,” Paul said in the YouTube interview. “I’ve never done that ever. I don’t love people like that.” Paul said he was serious about the model within hours. “It was like six hours we spent together,” he said. “And so I literally just told her, ‘I love you.’”

Paul and Julia began dating in 2020

The high-profile duo started dating in early 2020, just a month after Jake parted ways with Tana Mongeau. They went Insta official in February of 2020, with Jake posting a pic of the Are You The One? star laying PDA on her new boyfriend. In March 2020, Jake officially introduced his sexy new lover to his followers via a YouTube vlog. “We met on a set of the music video, then we fell in love,” he said in the video. “Everything progressed, and we kept on falling in love really fast.” Rose added, “He’s crazy. He’s psycho, but I like it.”

Breakup rumors started in February 2022

Per Page Six, the couple appeared to have broken up in early 2022 when Jake tweeted, “Alexa, play “I’m Single” by Jake Paul. But According to a source for the outlet, he’s “devastated,” but still has “moved on with other girls.” That turned out to appear to be true, as Jake was seen kissing Instagram model Sky Bri on the beach in a steamy repost to her stories, per Dexterto.

The fallout was brutal — after Jake lavished a compliment on a March post on Julia’s Instagram, she clapped back. “God damn u honestly are so f**king hot it’s ridiculous,” Jake reacted to the pic. Julia responded with, “@realskybri @emilysalch either of you wanna come claim him since you’re so eager to post him?” she wrote. “Prime example of why I broke up with him. Feel free to post more sh*t to make me feel better about my decision.”

They had reunited by April 2022

Julia Rose and Jake Paul
Julia Rose & Jake Paul at Craig’s in West Hollywood, California, in January 2022. (twoeyephotos/MEGA)

In an April 2022 interview with The New York Post, Jake indicated that the couple were once again going strong. When asked by the outlet if he “had time” for a relationship, the boxer reportedly confirmed that he did, and that he was giving the interview from Julia’s house. “Right, Julia,” he told the outlet. “I don’t know if she’s there. But yeah, that’s a big part of my life.”

He further confirmed the reconciliation with a steamy collection of Julia photos in June 2022. “This is an appreciation post for Julia Rose and her all natural beauty,” he tweeted. “Girls go under the knife and still can’t compete.”

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake is the younger brother of YouTuber Logan Paul. But he’s carefully carved out a controversial space for himself on the platform as well, alongside his professional boxing career. As mentioned above, he’s preparing for an imminent return to the sport. “August, I’m back baby,” Paul said via Instagram video on March 25. “6-0 coming soon,” he added in the video caption.

Jake gained notoriety back in 2019 with a “sham marriage” PR stunt with Tana. Their July 28, 2019 “wedding” in Las Vegas was reportedly just for “content,” as the couple never obtained a marriage license, per In Touch. MTV exposed the entire thing when they dropped Tana’s YouTube show Tana Turns 21. She said during the episode that they weren’t “officially exclusive” and suggested the whole “wedding” was “for the content.”