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Jeremy Strong’s Wife Emma Wall: Get To Know The ‘Succession’ Star’s Spouse

Emma Wall has an impressive career just like her husband, Jeremy Strong, who is nominated for a 2024 Golden Globe Award in the Best Actor in a Television Series Drama category. Here's what you need to know about her.

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Jeremy Strong, Emma Wall
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Jeremy Strong gave the performance of a lifetime for 4 seasons on Succession, portraying the ever-complicated Kendall Roy, and now he’s nominated for a 2024 Golden Globe Award in the Best Actor in a Television Series Drama category. In the show, Kendall had a rocky relationship with his wife and children, which really set Jeremy apart from his television persona. In real life, Jeremy is happily married to his wife Emma Wall and they have three beautiful children together. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and Emma supported her husband at the Succession season 4 premiere in March 2023. Emma has even chimed in on what she thinks about Jeremy’s Emmy Award-winning performance in the HBO series.

“He does a really good job of maintaining what he’s doing but also creating a space for the family and a normal life,” Emma told The New Yorker in 2021.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong and Emma Wall (Photo: CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

Before we find out if Jeremy takes home the Golden Globe on Sunday, January 7, learn more about Emma and her relationship with him below.

Jeremy Strong’s Wife, Emma Wall

Emma is a psychiatrist and a documentary filmmaker from Denmark. She attended Brown University and got her medical degree at Oxford University Medical School, before doing her fellowship and residency at Columbia University and Cornell University, according to PEOPLE. Emma’s done psychiatric work with refugees, which in part inspired what she’s accomplished as a filmmaker.

Emma co-founded the production company Guest House Productions with Betsy Hershey. She co-directed the documentary Guerilla Habeas, which is about two lawyers fighting for immigrants facing deportation in the U.S. Emma started work on the documentary when Donald Trump was president and enforcing strict anti-immigration policies. It premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in September 2022.

“We started on this film at a time when I think so many of us were really appalled by what was happening in the immigration system,” Emma told Deadline in December 2022. “So we started this in the beginning of 2019, following the Muslim ban, following Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that was separating families at the border. And we — as so many people, I think, in this country — were feeling incredibly helpless and hopeless. It felt like these grave injustices, these human rights violations, and we didn’t know what to do about it.”

Jeremy & Emma’s Relationship

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong and Emma Wall at the Met Gala 2022 (Photo: Jojo Korsh/

Jeremy and Emma met at a party in New York City during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Four years later, the couple got married at a castle in Emma’s home country. Jeremy and Emma are pretty private about their family life. They currently split time between Brooklyn, New York and Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I love Denmark. I find it a very sane and gentle place,” Jeremy said to The Guardian in Oct. 2021. “It feels like a refuge for me, and it’s great to have somewhere that’s a docking station after all this work, which I find very enervating and scary and stressful,” he added.

Jeremy & Emma’s Children

Jeremy is a proud Girl Dad! He and Emma have three daughters, Ingrid, born in 2018, Clara, born in 2019, and a third daughters whose name hasn’t been revealed, born in 2021. A year after welcoming his oldest child, Jeremy spoke to GQ about how fatherhood has changed him. “My life has changed a lot in the sense that there’s some sort of stable center,” the Armageddon Time star said. “I never had that before — I was always just kind of a transient and work was the only thing. And that feels different now, in a very good way. There’s something to come home to.”

More recently, Jeremy spoke not having kids until he was close to 40, in a February 2023 interview with GQ. “I don’t know if I formulated that consciously. I don’t know if I would’ve been ready to have a family if I felt in that place of famine that I had felt that I was in—and not fulfilled at all artistically,” he said. “And now, of course, I would do anything for them. It’s the one thing I feel like I’ve done right in my life is have these beautiful children, these three girls that I have.”