Jennifer Lopez’s New Album ‘This Is Me…Now’: Song List, Release Date, & More We Know

J.Lo is back! Jennifer Lopez's long-awaited album – the follow-up to her 2002 ode to Ben Affleck – finally has a release date. Here's what we know.

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Jennifer Lopez
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Fans won’t have to wait much longer for new music from Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo’s ninth studio album – her first since 2014’s A.K.A. – will be released on February, 16, 2024, she announced on November 27. The upcoming album, This Is Me… Now, is a follow-up to her Ben Affleck-inspired 2002 album, This Is Me… Then. The first single off the new album, “Can’t Get Enough,” comes out January 10, 2024. And on the same day the new album drops, Jennifer is releasing This Is Me…Now: The Film on Prime Video.

J.Lo announced the sequel album to 2002’s This Is Me…Then in November 2022. Both albums were inspired by her love and relationship with Ben Affleck. Ben and Jen reconnected in 2021, twenty years after they first met (and almost two decades after they split in 2004). In 2022, they announced their second engagement before marrying in a Vegas ceremony in July of that year. Later that year, they held a formal ceremony at Ben’s home in Georgia.

With This Is Me…Now arriving after Jennifer got her “Happily Ever After” with Ben, here’s what we know about her new album.

What Is Jennifer Lopez’s New Album Called?  

J.Lo announced in November 2022 that she would be releasing her ninth studio album and that it would be called This Is Me…Now. The album’s title and subject matter reference her 2002 album, This Is Me…Then (and the announcement video included J.Lo appearing in the 2002 artwork before morphing into the 2023 album cover.)

“Heralding a new era of music for Jennifer Lopez, ‘This Is Me…Now’ chronicles the emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades. An emotionally raw and honest project unlike any she has produced before, she writes and sings about her life and experiences that will resonate with us all. In addition, these autobiographical stories informed by the album will result in other very personal projects that will be released next year…more to come on that.”

When speaking to Vogue about the album in December 2022, she said it’s “kind of a culmination of who I am as a person and an artist. People think they know things about what happened to me along the way, the men I was with—but they really have no idea, and a lot of times, they get it so wrong. There’s a part of me that was hiding a side of myself from everyone. And I feel like I’m at a place in my life, finally, where I have something to say about it.”

When Does Jennifer Lopez’s New Album Come Out?  

 J.Lo announced that the album will come out on February 16, 2024. She previously said that the album would be released in 2023 but it got delayed to 2024.

What Songs Are On Jennifer Lopez’s New Album?  

When J.Lo announced This Is Me…Now, she also shared a tracklist.

  1. This Is Me … Now
  2. To Be Yours
  3. Mad in Love
  4. Can’t Get Enough
  5. Rebound
  6. not. going. anywhere.
  7. Dear Ben pt. ll
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Hearts and Flowers
  10. Broken Like Me
  11. This Time Around
  12. Midnight Trip to Vegas
  13. Greatest Love Story Never Told

“Can’t Get Enough,” the fourth track off the new album, will be the first single that J.Lo releases to promote This Is Me… Now. It comes out on January 10, 2024.

The most noteworthy song title off the album is “Dear Ben pt. II,” referring to the “Dear Ben” song on This Is Me…Then. The original song was an ode to J.Lo’s love for Affleck. “I think God made you for me,” she sings in the song, per Genius. “A mix of passionate fidelities / Baby, you’re so complete / I write this song to let you know / That you will always be to me / My lust, my love, my man, my child, my friend, and my king.”

What Does Jennifer Lopez’s New Album Sound Like?  

Judging by the tracklist, this album might sound happy, joyous, and full of love songs. At the same time that J.Lo announced the album, Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1 published an interview with her, in which she said the new LP was inspired by her reconnecting with the “love of my life,” Ben Affleck.

 “We captured me at this moment in time when I was reunited with the love of my life, and we decided we were going to be together forever. The whole message of the album then is this love exists,” she said, per Rolling Stone. “This is a real love. Now I think what the message of the album is very much if you were wondering if you have, like me at times, lost hope, almost given up, don’t. Because true love does exist and some things do last forever and that’s real.”

“I want to put that message out into the world, and that does take a lot of vulnerability. But I couldn’t stop myself and some parts of it scare me,” she added. “And I think parts of it scare Ben, too. He’s like, ‘Oh, do you really want to say all this stuff?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know how else to do it, baby.'”

During the interview, Jennifer explained the new album is the companion to This Is Me…Then, which was inspired by her relationship with Ben at the time. After they split, she said she couldn’t perform any of the old songs. “It was so painful after we broke up,” she said. “Once we called off that wedding 20 years ago, it was the biggest heartbreak of my life, and I honestly felt like I was going to die,” she said.

“It sent me on a spiral for the next 18 years where I just couldn’t get it right. Couldn’t get it right. But now, 20 years later, it does have a happy ending,” she told Lowe. “It has the most would-never-happen-in-Hollywood ending. ‘That would never happen. We’re not going to write that because nobody would believe it’ ending.” She also said that her husband “loves” This Is Me…Then.

“He loves that music. He knows all of the words,” she said. “He also was with me while I was creating it… He’s my biggest fan, which is awesome.”

Who Is Featured On Jennifer Lopez’s New Album?  

 When J.Lo shared the tracklist in 2022, it didn’t mention any featured performers. It’s possible that she may not have any guests on the album. When speaking with Vogue in December 2022, she said she wanted to create a musical odyssey, a concept album akin to Pink Floyd‘s The Wall but focusing on hope and love.

“I’ve always felt like an outsider, in the fashion world, the music world, the movie world,” she told Vogue. “I feel like everybody knows each other, and all the artists talk, and you go to the Met ball, and all the girls are hanging out together, and I’m not in that group. Maybe that’s just insecurity. It’s not because I’m antisocial or I don’t want to make friends. I’ve always been kind of a march-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drum, loner-type person. I’m like, I’ll just stay focused on my thing. I’ve always kind of felt like that. I still do.”