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Gym Bag Essentials: 20+ Must-Have Products That Will Make You Want To Workout

The new year is around the corner & we rounded up all of the essentials you need in your gym bag that will make your workout an absolute breeze!

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With 2020 right around the corner, it’s time to get your new year resolutions in order and to help you get a headstart on your fitness goals, we rounded up all of the essential products that you should throw in your gym bag, to ensure that going to the workout class you booked is easy, breezy. From deodorant to water bottles, there’s something for everyone, which you can see when you click through the gallery above.

Before you go buying new products for the gym, consider looking into a new gym bag that has a bunch of convenient compartments. One of our favorite options is the Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink Duffle because it literally is like a kitchen sink – it can fit absolutely everything with all of its compartments. Plus, it even has a Secret Stash Bottom (patent pending), which allows you to tuck away whatever you want including shoes, dirty laundry, or anything else.

If you’re heading to a workout class and don’t have time to shower before work or an event, then the Degree Stay Fresh On-The-Go White Flowers and Lychee Deodorant Wipes are an absolute lifesaver. They come in a pack that looks like makeup wipes, so you can literally wipe them all over your body when you’re on the go, and you still manage to feel and smell fresh. Another great wipe that always comes in handy is the Summer’s Eve Fragrance-Free Individual Cleansing Cloths, which also clean you up in a hurry.

The Visha Skincare Cheek 2 Feet is an absolute lifesaver to keep in your bag because its a 4-in-1 all-over spray that features natural ingredients to instantly soothe irritated and bumpy skin, shave bumps, acne, sweat rashes, and so much more.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find something you need when you click through the gallery above. Plus, if you’re looking for a mix of products, then try out our newest HollywoodLife box, which has a value of over $260 and is on sale NOW for only $49.99! Buy the box right now at