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Gene Simmons’ Kids: Meet His Son Nick & Daughter Sophie

Gene Simmons has two children with his wife Shannon Tweed. Here's what you need to know about Nick Simmons and Sophie Simmons.

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Gene Simmons
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Gene Simmons, 73, is more than just a famous rockstar. Gene is the proud father of two children, son Nick, 33, and daughter Sophie, 30, who just got engaged. The Kiss frontman shares his kids with his wife, Canadian actress Shannon Tweed, 65. Gene and Shannon started dating in 1983, but they didn’t get married until almost 30 years later. Both Nick and Sophie were present for their parents’ lavish 2011 Beverly Hills wedding.

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons with his two children (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Gene’s children have found success in their respective careers and have made their dad so proud. Nick is a writer and Sophie is a singer-songwriter. Here’s everything you need to know about Gene’s kids.

Nick Simmons

Nick Simmons was born on January 22, 1989, six years after his parents started dating. He grew up in California and appeared on the their family reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, from 2006 to 2012. Nick attended Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif. and graduated in 2011 with a degree in English Literature. After college, Nick began his career as a writer and found success in comic book writing. He created his own three-issue comic book, Incarnate, and a preview of the comic was presented at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. Nick’s comic was published by Radical Comics that August.

But in February 2010, Nick was accused of plagiarizing to create his comic. According to Comic Book Resources, Nick allegedly stole character designs, plot segments, dialogue, and more from other Japanese manga comics, including the popular comic series Bleach. Nick eventually addressed the controversy in a statement, saying, “Like most artists I am inspired by work I admire. There are certain similarities between some of my work and the work of others. This was simply meant as an homage to artists I respect, and I definitely want to apologize to any manga fans or fellow Manga artists who feel I went too far. My inspirations reflect the fact that certain fundamental imagery is common to all manga.” Production and distribution on Nick’s comic was halted due to the accusations. 

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons and his family (Photo: ric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Nick has most recently worked as a writer for The Huffington Post. He also performs as a musician here and there and recently performed with the Australian rock band Wolfmother. Nick has done voice-over work on Robot Chicken. He is not married.

Sophie Simmons

Sophie Simmons was born on July 7, 1992. Like her brother, Sophie appeared on the Simmons family’s A&E reality show from 2006 to 2012. Sophie followed in Nick’s footsteps and attended Pitzer College in California, where she played volleyball and studied computer engineering and religious studies. Sophie fell in love with singing at a young age thanks to her dad. She told People in 2018, “I was always writing songs my whole life, but it wasn’t something I considered doing as a career just because it was what my family did, and I didn’t want to be compared. I wanted to be my own person. But you can’t help what you’re passionate [about].”

Sophie auditioned for season two of The X-Factor (in the U.S.) and made it to the Bootcamp round. Her first single, “Kiss Me,” came out in 2015. After collaborating with the DJ duo Yellow Claw, Sophie dropped two more solo songs in 2018, including the single “Black Mirror” which was inspired by the television show. “Black Mirror” is Sophie’s most successful song to date. She’s released numerous singles over the past few years including her new song with Alan Walker.

In June 2022, Sophie got engaged to her boyfriend James Henderson on a family trip to Zurich, Switzerland. The “Lovesick” singer shared a black-and-white photo of her engagement ring to her Instagram, with her fiancé holding her hand. “This is the time,” she wrote in the caption.

Sophie’s family was absolutely overjoyed that she got engaged. Her mom Shannon Tweed posted a photo of Sophie and her fiancé at the end of the “good day,” with both Sophie and James looking tired. Sophie also had her ring on display in the photo. Nick also congratulated his sister and posted the photo to his Instagram Story, with the caption “oh hey look at that,” as well as a video of him giving a toast to the newly engaged pair.

But Gene has admitted he has mixed feelings about his daughter getting married. “I’m not ready,” the famous musician said in a recent interview with Page Six. “One second, she’s just a pair of cheeks with little legs walking around. Next second, she’s a grown woman I’m not ready. But it’s happening. She’s getting married, and he’s a great guy,” Gene added.

Gene confirmed that Sophie’s wedding will take place in February 2023. “She’s going to make an honest man out of him,” the “Love Gun” hitmaker also said. “And he doesn’t know what he is in for because Sophie wears the pants there. He’ll find out.”