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Justin Bieber & Rihanna Handpicked Alan Walker, 19, To Open For Them — Here’s Why

Alan Walker is fresh off Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour, and the Norwegian DJ shows no signs of slowing down. Here's what it's like to open for The Biebs, and how it felt that time his remix of 'Hymn For The Weekend' almost became more popular than Coldplay's original!

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Alan Walker Photo Shoot
Image Credit: Rikkard Haggbom

This interview with Alan Walker  at Firefly Music Festival has been edited and condensed for clarity. Below, you can stream his new Tired (Remixes) EP!

This is your first headlining tour! Congratulations. How’s it going?

We’re in the beginning, and it’s been warm, especially in the United States! But it’s fun.

You’ve had an exciting year…

There are so many highlights; it’s hard to remember everything. Touring with Justin Bieber and Rihanna are definitely some. It’s been really cool.

What’s it like to open for those types of acts?

It’s weird to think of, but cool at the same time. It’s fun.

Do you have any backstage rituals?

Drink Red Bull! I like the Blue one. That one’s really good.

What’s the first thing you feel when you step onstage?

Energy! There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind, but at the same time, I have to live in the moment.

Let’s talk about how your new collaboration “Sky” with Alex Skrindo came about.

“Sky” was a song I wrote back in 2016, and was supposed to be for someone else. But I wanted to keep it for myself, and release it as an Alan Walker song. We started working on it from scratch again, and made it more uplifting. I think the melody is magical.

How do you choose which songs to remix?

It depends on if I like the song myself. “Hymn For The Weekend” [originally by Coldplay] for example, I really loved that one. Getting to work with something like that and combining the melodies with the Walker style is pretty sick.

Do you get the artists’ blessing with something like that? Does Chris Martin call you up?

Well, with that one, they were more like, “Hey, this is getting too popular!”

What brand is your signature black hoodie?

This one my stylist put together, with the “Walker” letters. We’ll actually be releasing a brand-new hoodie soon for fans.

And I see the mesh inside the hood, does that keep you cool?

No, that helps make me warmer!

Finally, who’s on your collaboration wishlist?

I would love to work with Martin Garrix, Tiesto or Kygo.

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