Dionne Warwick’s Kids: All About the 2 Children She Shares With Ex William Elliott

Iconic songstress Dionne Warwick is the proud mother of two talented sons who followed in her footsteps. Meet David and Damon, here.

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Dionne Warwick
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Dionne Warwick caused a wave of concern among her fans when she had to unexpectedly cancel her June 2023 concert in Chicago due to a ‘medical incident.’ The renowned singer-songwriter — who was celebrated at the 2023 Kennedy Center Honors for performing arts — experienced difficulties with one of her legs, which compelled her to reschedule the show, as reported by TMZ. Despite the setback, Dionne assured the outlet that she was recovering well and eagerly anticipating her return to the stage.

The cancellation arrived as the “Walk On By” hitmaker has been experiencing a surge in popularity online. The music legend has been captivating an entirely new generation of fans with her signature wit and charm on her Twitter. “Remember: If I follow you today, I can unfollow you tomorrow if foolishness is your thing,” she once posted. And in another sign of her command of the platform, Dionne once shared, “I am always tweeting while wearing a black, vintage sequin gown…as divas do.”

With Dionne’s name taking over the internet, followers are clamoring to know more about her personal life, including her family. The Grammy winner married late actor William Elliot in 1966, divorced him in 1967 and then married him again that same year! And they welcomed two sons during their repeat nuptials. Let’s learn all about David and Damon Elliot, below.

Dionne Warwick and her son

David Elliot

David Elliot, Dione Warwick and Damon Elliot. (Shutterstock)

Dionne and William’s (Bill) second go at being wife and husband was much more fruitful than their first attempt. As Dionne wrote in her autobiography My Life, As I See It, it was only three days after their first wedding that she felt like she had “made a huge mistake.” So she took a bus to Juarez, Mexico. “It took all of three hours for me to get my ‘Mexican divorce.’ I took the bus back to El Paso and flew back to New Jersey a “free” woman,” she wrote.

After not seeing Bill “for months” after the divorce, he showed up to one of her shows in the front row with a bouquet of flowers, per her autobiography. “He declared he was going to “woo” me back. And Bill’s approach worked. Two days later, we remarried in Italy and this time our marriage lasted for 12 years and blessed us with two sons, David and Damon.”

David was born January 18, 1969, while he couple were living in East Orange, New Jersey. He would follow in his parents’ footsteps by trying out songwriting, singing and even drumming! The athlete was also a police officer at one point for Whittier Police Department officer in Whittier, California, according to his Instagram. And when he’s not doing the most with everything, he enjoys scuba diving, and is a PADI MSDT Instructor.

As for his personal life, David married Luana Elliot on June 11, 2011 and they share a daughter named Lealand, per his social media account.

Damon Elliot

David’s little brother arrived on March 21, 1973, two years before his mom and dad would split for good. Damon has found huge success in the music industry, as he has is the founder/CEO of The Damon Elliott Music Group, and the founder and president of both Confidential Records and Kind Music Group.

After working with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Damon would find himself in the studio with Destiny’s Child, Pink, Jessica Simpson and eventually his own mom! Damon and Dionne collaborated on “I Kneel,” a duet from her Songs of Inspiration gospel album. Damon also worked with his mother when she and Dolly Parton worked on their duet, “Peace Like a River.”

While he doesn’t appear to be romantically linked with anyone at this time, Damon does enjoy a healthy social life. One look at his Instagram, and fans can tell he is out and about having a ball!