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‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Season 2 Updates: Sam Claflin Is ‘Pushing For It’

Could 'Daisy Jones & The Six' make a comeback? Sam Claflin wants to see a second season happen. Here's everything we know so far.

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Daisy Jones & The Six was an incredible and emotional ride from start to finish. The show made the leap from book to screen with an all-star cast that embodied the characters we know and love perfectly. The season finale aired in March 2023, and the series left the door open for a potential second season. As time goes on, the hope for season 2 remains.

So, will there be a season 2 of Daisy Jones & The Six? While the series told the full story of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel, that’s not to say the show couldn’t continue and expand on TJR’s material. In fact, the producers and stars of the series hope that we’ll see Daisy, Billy, Karen, and the others back on stage in the future. Hollywood Life has all the latest news about Daisy Jones & The Six season 2.

Will There Be a ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Season 2?

That’s still to be determined. Prime Video has not announced any plans for Daisy Jones & The Six season 2 as of January 2024. The streaming service initially billed the show as a “limited series,” but there have been limited series that have gotten more than one season before. Ahem, Big Little Lies.

At the 2023 Emmys in January 2024, Sam Claflin gave renewed hope for Daisy Jones season 2. “I’m pushing for it. I want it!” he told Variety. Give the people what they want!

In December 2023, Camila Morrone revealed that the cast is hoping to continue the story in a second season. “We all want it,” she told E! News. “Listen, I think we’re all so proud of the work that we did. I think that we had an incredible first season.” Camila added, “There’s a lot of story left that could be told.”

The showrunners have always been open to the possibility of a second season. “If any time Amazon came to us and said, ‘What would it be?’, we would put our little thinking caps on about it,” Lauren Neustadter told Variety. Scott Neustadter added, “It’s super fun to sit and talk to Taylor for hours about where we think we could take this next. It was a calculated move to move [the flash forwards] to their 40s. There’s a lot of life left to live, so there could be a future.” The producers also noted they’re “not giving up” about a tour either.

After receiving an Emmy nominationfor her portrayal of Daisy Jones, Riley Keough addressed the possibility of revisiting the iconic character. “It was such a wonderful experience. I think all of us would love to work together in any capacity again,” she told Deadline. “I don’t know how much room they left for that, but I definitely would work with everyone on the show again.”

Riley Keough
Riley Keough as Daisy Jones. (Prime Video)

The show received a total of 9 Emmy nominations, including

Back in March 2023, Scott admitted that it would be “amazing” to get a second season. “If people are interested in this story and these people, maybe we’ll get an opportunity to do that. Leave the door open. Why not? If people enjoy what you’re doing and want more of it, that’s not a bad problem,” he told Variety.

Will Graham added, “We had the most amazing time making the show. For me, that question goes back to Taylor and if she has another chapter for these characters in her head. If we got an opportunity to do it, I think, no question, everyone involved in the show would show up with bells on.”

Scott previously told Town & Country, “There could be more story to tell if that was something people wanted, but time will tell if there’s any interest in such a thing.” Over the course of the first season, the show has become a phenomenon. Daisy Jones & The Six has dominated social media and the music charts with the release of Aurora.

TJR has also thought about Daisy Jones & The Six season 2 and isn’t ruling it out. “I think we’re in a really fortunate position where we have a story that is final, and has an ending that feels really good,” the author told Variety. “I would only open that back up if it felt like there was a story here that we have to tell. Have I been thinking about what that is? I certainly have.”

She continued, “To see the performances that you have from this cast, and specifically Riley and Sam, and be willing to walk away from that without asking yourself whether you could give them another opportunity to dig into these characters would be very silly. I’m not so stupid as to not recognize what we have in the two of them. So it’s definitely on my mind.”

How Did ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ End?

The ending of Daisy Jones & The Six’s first season featured some changes from Taylor’s novel. The most notable change is Billy showing up at Daisy’s door at the end of the finale. In the book, Camila writes to her daughters and tells them to have Billy give Daisy a call when he’s ready. “Tell your father I said at the very least, the two of them owe a song,” Camila writes.

Riley Keough
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin as Daisy and Billy. (Prime Video)

The show features Camila saying these in one of her final interviews for Julia’s documentary. She also tells Daisy to answer Billy’s call. In the show’s final moments, Billy walks up to Daisy’s door. She answers when he knocks with a smile on her face. The book leaves it open to interpretation as to whether or not Daisy and Billy’s lives will intersect again, but the show gives us confirmation that they do.

“I feel like the version of this story that ends in the most hopeful way is that they’re going to try to see what it feels like to be in the same room again, after all that time,” Scott told Variety. “And I don’t think we know how that’s gonna go. The ending kind of leaves the door open for a continuation. I feel like there’s a pretty satisfying conclusion, but at the same time, there are some questions that go unanswered.”

What Could ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Season 2 Be About?

The show did tell a complete version of Taylor’s bestselling novel. If the show does continue, it will be in uncharted territory as the writers expand on her material. A second season could pick up in 1997 after Billy shows up at Daisy’s door after 20 years apart.

Daisy Jones & The Six season 2 could explore the band’s reaction to Julia’s documentary. They all made revelations about their time together on camera. Daisy and Billy aren’t the only ones that have a lot of catching up to do. Who wouldn’t want to see Graham and Karen speaking for the first time in 20 years after their relationship fell apart? Karen admitted in the documentary that she did truly love Graham. How would he handle that information?

The Six
The Six, ladies and gentleman! (Prime Video)

The series features the interviews taking place 20 years later and not 40 years like in the book. Since there’s still so much interest in the band, they could come together for a reunion performance or tour, which is what really inspired the book in the first place.

Will possibly hinted at season 2 in a response to a fan on Twitter saying that Daisy and Billy “should have been way older when they reunited.” Will responded, “Wonder why we did that.”

In a post-finale interview, Sam Claflin told EW that the cast “would all love to come back for a season 2, as much as the book does come to a conclusive end. There are still some unanswered questions. Taylor Jenkins Reid said recently, ‘Thank you so much for playing Billy. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.’ I was like, ‘Right, season 2, write another book.'”

The Hunger Games alum has thought about what season 2 could bring given that final scene. “I’ve talked to Taylor Jenkins Reid about what I thought happens. This is just from my experience, but I think we are better people the older we get because we’re wiser about the world,” he continues. “Daisy’s dry now, and the two of them probably have a lot to discuss, but whether or not the magic is still there, I don’t know. I feel like they’re both probably able to talk about their feelings better, but whether or not they can then put that into music or connect in the same way, it’s hard to know. Maybe the drugs [were] the fuel. If you look at any musician, very few people make music as good as they did in their prime.”

TJR previously revealed in a piece for Hello Sunshine that Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance reunion show, which took place in 1997 (ahem), inspired her to write Daisy Jones & The Six. When she wanted to write a book about rock ‘n’ roll, she always looked to that performance between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. “How it looked so much like two people in love. And yet, we’ll never truly know what lived between them. I wanted to write a story about that, about how the lines between real life and performance can get blurred, about how singing about old wounds might keep them fresh,” she wrote.

What About Spinoffs?

The Taylor Jenkins Reid literary universe doesn’t stop with Daisy Jones & The Six. All four of her Hollywood-centered books — The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones & The Six, Malibu Rising, and Carrie Soto Is Back — are all connected.

In addition to Daisy Jones & The Six, two more of TJR’s books are getting the adaptation treatment. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is currently in the works as a film at Netflix, and a Malibu Rising series is in development at Hulu. With the success of Daisy Jones, you can likely expect these adaptations to have updates very soon.