Britney Spears’ Second Memoir: Everything to Know About Her Follow-Up Book After ‘The Woman in Me’

The pop star teased that she is planning to release ‘Volume 2’ of her 2023 tell-all memoir. 

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Britney Spears
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Did she give us a sign? Britney Spears teased a possible second memoir right after releasing her 2023 tell-all, The Woman in Me. Due to the book’s success, fans want to know what they can expect from a potential “Volume 2.” Keep reading to find out everything we know about Britney’s 2024 book. 

Is Britney Spears Working on a Second Memoir? 

The “… Baby One More Time” artist announced via Instagram that she was working on a follow-up to The Woman in Me. She wrote, “Humor is the cure to everything!!! Play on!!! Volume 2 will be released next year … get ready!”

Though Variety reported that The Woman in Me Vol. 2 is not currently in development, Britney’s announcement made it clear that she wants the book to hit shelves in 2024. 

What Will Britney Spears’ 2024 Book Be About? 

Since her 2023 memoir does not address her split from estranged husband Sam Asghari, fans speculated whether Britney’s second memoir would hav the details. Us Weekly reported that the Princess of Pop is planning to unpack what went wrong between her and Sam but noted that she isn’t trying to depict him in a negative light. 

“Britney’s not looking to go after Sam,” a source told the publication. “She just wants [to talk about] why the relationship broke down.”

Though the upcoming memoir could include their separation, Britney and Sam appear to be on good terms. Shortly after the two announced their divorce following 14 months of marriage, the actor and fitness trainer showed his support for Britney’s 2023 book. 

“I already read it. I’m very proud of her,” Sam told TMZ in October. “She put a lot of work [int] it, and it was very hard. I’m definitely excited, and I’m extremely proud of her. It was a really tough one … I’ll be the first one in line to buy it.” 

Britney Spears’ Bombshells From ‘The Woman in Me’ 

Before her book reached shelves on October 24, multiple outlets published various excerpts from Britney’s memoir. Among the most shocking revelations were the details from her decade-long conservatorship, her breakup from ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and, above all, Britney’s claim that Justin wanted her to get an abortion during their past romance. Additionally, the “Gimme More” hitmaker rehashed her former marriage to ex-husband Kevin Federline. 

Upon reading her emotional account, fans expressed their admiration for Britney’s courage. However, many were also outraged at Britney’s exes, whom she wrote “ruined” one trait about her. 

“That’s the one thing Justin and Kevin ruined about me. I used to trust people,” Britney explained in the book. “But after the breakup with Justin and then my divorce, I never really did trust people again.”

Nevertheless, the Grammy Award winner clarified in a subsequent Instagram caption that her book was not mean to “offend anyone by any means” and that she has “moved on” from her past.