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April Fools’ Day: 5 Of The Best Celeb Pranks Ever From Rihanna, Sam Smith & More

Beware! April 1 is here, which means your favorite celebrity may drop news that will shock and stun you. Here are five celebs who gave the best April Fools' pranks ever.

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Gotcha! We’re sure all of our favorite celebrities are plotting what kind of crazy non-truth bombs they’re going to drop on their fans on April Fools’ Day. Some of our favorite stars have done epic pranks to celebrate the day over the years, including Rihanna and Sam Smith. In honor of the annual prankster event, here’s a look at five of the most wild and believable celeb stunts ever!

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan fooled everyone when he pretended to close his signature front gap teeth on April Fool’s Day 2021. The Good Morning America co-anchor later confessed to the bluff, but only after so many people believed it. “C’mon man! The gap is here to stay, for a little while. Not going anywhere anytime soon,” Michael said, all smiles, when revealing his big lie in a video.

Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes‘ early April Fools’ joke from 2016 has to go down as one of the most elaborate ruses in Hollywood history. Not only did the former 90210 hottie tease on her social media that she that she was engaged to former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz she also posted video of her naked in his bed. Just as everyone was speculating this had to be the oddest celebrity coupling ever, she dropped a remix of her music video for “Deja Vu” where she got all kinds of hot and sexy with the aging comedian. She then followed it up by letting us all know the whole fauxmance had been a joke and wished everyone an early April Fools.


Who can forget RiRi, making a secret 1:00 a.m. visit to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel‘s house to wake him up and prank him with a private concert in 2015? She brought her own mini light kit, made it rain money over his barely awake body, and jumped up and down on his bed! The “Umbrella” songstress revealed that she came up with the epic prank all on her own!

Sam Smith

Openly gay singer Sam Smith pranked their Twitter followers in 2015 by announcing “Guys…I have some news. I’m straight.” They sat there and let the news freak out their fans for over an hour before jumping back online and wishing everyone a Happy April Fools’ Day. Sam has since come out as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them.

James Franco

James Franco; Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
James Franco; Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber (Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

James Franco gave heart attacks to “Jelena” fans in 2015 when he put up an Instagram picture of Selena Gomez holding a newborn baby and telling his fans, “Selena and I had a baby, it was born during Sprang Break” as a shoutout to the Spring Breakers movie the pair did together back in 2013. While it was so obviously not true, fans of Justin Bieber and Selena freaked out anyway.

Speaking of Beliebers, they were the victims of the most heartbreaking April Fools’ prank in 2015 they woke up to the trending Twitter topic #JustinYourAlbumLeaked, complete with fake album cover and track list! Since he hadn’t put out any new music sine 2012, his fans lost their collective minds that Justin had finally dropped some new tunes, only to be disappointed when it turned out to all be a joke.