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Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell’s Kids: Meet the Late Reality Star’s 2 Young Daughters

Mama June Shannon's oldest daughter was also a loving mom to two young girls, with two different partners. Get to know more about Anna Cardwell's two girls here.

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Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell is survived by her two daughters after her death at 29 on December 9. The late reality star was surrounded by her family when she died following a battle with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma. After her death, Chickadee’s mother “Mama” June Shannon claimed that she had married her long-time partner Eldridge Toney after learning of her cancer diagnosis, per TMZ

In addition to her legacy and her three loving younger sisters, Anna leaves behind two beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee, whom she had with two different men. Get to know more about both of Chickadee’s girls here.


Anna’s older daughter Kaitlyn, 11, was born in July 2012. While she kept her elder daughter’s father private, she mainly acted as a single mother until marrying her ex-husband in 2014, according to People. Kaitlyn was born with an extra finger, but it was surgically removed when she was 4.

During Anna’s life, she often shared photos of her older daughter, and she gushed about her as a loving mom. When Kaitlyn celebrated her 10th birthday, Chickadee posted a loving tribute to her daughter on Instagram. “Y’all help me wish this crazy and silly and smart girl a happy 10th bday. Omg y’all I have a 10 year old lord help me but if it wasn’t for her I would be a mother she is the smartest and sassiest little girl I know and I am so proud of her,” she wrote. “I’m telling y’all she is 10 going in 20 but I love her so much.”

After Anna’s death, Mama June reportedly took custody of Kaitlyn, according to TMZ. She reportedly plans to become her granddaughter’s legal guardian.


Anna became a mom for the second time in December 2015, when she gave birth to Kylee, 8. She was married to her first husband Michael Cardwell at the time, but they split up in 2017. Like with her older sister, Chickadee often posted adorable photos of Kylee on social media.

After Kylee finished kindergarten, Anna posted some cute photos from her graduation and gushed about how excited she was for her younger daughter to enter first grade. “I am so proud of my baby for going to first grade she is so smart excuse me while I go cry because I am getting old,” she wrote on Instagram.

When her younger daughter celebrated her sixth birthday, she similarly posted a loving birthday message for her. “I love this girls she is nothing but personality and craziness and can make u laugh by doing to craziest things and boy does she have a temper but she gets that from her daddy cause she don’t get it from her mama she gets her sweetness from me but mama hope u have a great day at school and have fun,” she wrote.

Anna’s death came on Kylee’s eighth birthday. Kylee is now reportedly living with her biological father Michael, according to the above-mentioned TMZ report.