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Amanda Seyfried’s Boyfriends: Meet The Men She Dated Before Marrying Thomas Sadoski

The 'Mamma Mia' star has been in a series of high profile relationships. Find out some of Amanda's past loves before she met her husband Thomas Sadoski.

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Amanda Seyfried, Thomas Sadoski
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Amanda Seyfried36, has been in the spotlight for most of her life! After making her debut in the soap opera As The World Turns as a teen, the actress has starred in tons of beloved movies and critically acclaimed features, from Mean Girls to Mank, which garnered her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. Amanda has also showed off her singing abilities by starring in a number of classic musicals, like Mamma Mia and Les Míserables. Throughout her career, Amanda’s love life has also been the subject of much attention. Despite a few high profile boyfriends, Amanda settled down with actor Thomas Sadoski, 45, in 2017. Find out more about some of her past boyfriends here!

Alexander Skarsgard

Amanda and Alexander Skarsgard had a very brief relationship, before she got together with Dominic Cooper. (Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix for HBO/Shutterstock)

One of Amanda’s earliest and most short-lived relationships early on in her career was with Big Little Lies star Alexander Skarsgard45. The Dear John star admitted that the two had a very short fling in a 2011 interview with Elle. She said that the two dated, but her relationship with Dominic Cooper kept their romance from getting too serious. “He’s superfunny, but I was too involved with Dom,” she said, per MTV.

Dominic Cooper

Amanda dated her ‘Mamma Mia’ co-star when making the movie, and the pair stayed friends after their breakup. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

One of Amanda’s high profile early relationships came when she dated her Mamma Mia co-star Dominic Cooper, 43. The pair played an engaged couple in the musical comedy, and they dated off and on from 2008 to 2009. Unfortunately, the couple weren’t meant to be, and Amanda opened up about the break up to Elle. “I got my heart broken pretty hard,” she said, per People. “After that, it’s really hard to open myself up to a new person.”

Despite the heartbreaking split, the pair seemed to mend their friendship, and they even reunited for the musical’s sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in 2018. Dominic said that it was a positive experience all this time later in a 2018 interview with Attitude. “We knew we were going to be working together [again] on a set, going back to a part which was certainly going to remind us of 10 years earlier, but I know her family, I know her mum, who was there a lot,” he said. “It was a pleasant atmosphere. It was really interesting to see how different our lives are after 10 years. It is a long time and it was nice to spend time [with her].”

Even though the exes were okay on-set, Amanda did admit that her husband did get a little bit jealous that she was hanging with her old flame. “It’s sweet. I’d rather he be jealous than completely fine with it. He’s been great. He’s very supportive and he loves this movie, and [he and Dominic] got along absolutely fine when we were shooting,” she told Mirror in 2018.

Ryan Phillippe

Amanda and Ryan got together shortly after her relationship with Dominic Cooper. ( /

After her split from Dominic, Amanda got involved with Cruel Intentions star Ryan Phillippe47, briefly in 2011. The pair were a bit on and off throughout their relationship, and the Mean Girls star admitted that the increased media attention with him may have put a strain on their relationship in a 2011 interview with Glamour UK“When I was with Ryan, people followed me so much more, and that’s probably one of the reasons that I’m not looking to date someone who’s famous now,” she said.

Josh Hartnett

Amanda and Josh had a brief fling after being friends. (LRC/ZOJ/Mandatory Credit: WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

Shortly after her relationship with the I Know What You Did Last Summer star, Amanda had a brief fling with 30 Days of Night actor Josh Hartnett43. After the relationship ended, Amanda didn’t seem to make a big deal about their short romance in a 2012 interview with InStyle. “Like Josh Hartnett and I were friends; we hung out, we dated,” she said, per IMDb

Justin Long

Amanda and Justin dated briefly after she DMed him on Instagram. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

Amanda had a two-year relationship with comedic actor Justin Long43, from 2013 to 2015. She admitted that the two were mutuals on Instagram when she sent him a message after a funny post on the app that started their romance in a 2015 interview with Vogue“I followed him on Instagram,” she said. “I really do have my own identity, both inside and outside the relationship, if that makes any sense. It just feels right. It’s also really good to feel OK being alone.”

In that same interview, she also admitted that the life of an actress can be hard for any relationship to bloom. “Making movies is two solid months of twelve-, fourteen-hour days. I mean, it can ruin your relationship,” she said. While the details of their breakup aren’t clear, Amanda did start seeing her now-husband in 2016.

Thomas Sadoski

Amanda and Thomas have been married since 2017. (Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

Amanda and Thomas met in 2015, when they both starred in the Off-Broadway play The Way We Get By. When the pair were working together, The Newsroom star was with his wife Kimberly Hope, but the pair broke up in 2015. Amanda said that while they were working on the play her now-husband never flirted, [and] never disrespected his wife” in a July 2018 interview with Porter. She also revealed that the two had a very low-key wedding with only them. “We got married in Topanga, March last year. Just the two of us. And afterwards, I was like, ‘Can we just go to Cheebo?’ It was awesome,” she said.

Since tying the knot in 2017, the pair have had a baby girl and boyNina, 4, and Thomas, 1. Despite being a happy family, it doesn’t seem like they have plans for more kids on the horizon, as she revealed in an interview on The Late Show. “I haven’t slept for two months,” she joked. “Remind me to never have another baby!”