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Candace Cameron Bure Explains How She ‘Almost Died’ Doing This Stunt for ‘Fuller House’

The former 'Fuller House' star recalled a harrowing zip lining incident when the 'rig' slid 'off the track' and landed right next to her head.

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Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure
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Image Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Actors almost always need a stunt double, and Candace Cameron Bure proved this while recalling a nearly fatal incident while working on the set of Fuller House. The 48-year-old actress sat down with her former co-stars Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber for their podcast “How Rude, Tanneritos!” and explained how a zip lining stunt went horribly awry.

While pointing out that her character, D.J. Tanner, wanted to complete an American Ninja Warrior course in the living room, Candace described how she “almost died.”

“I went through the course, and at the end, I zip lined diagonally the length of the living room, and then I landed on a platform,” Candace said during the April 18 podcast episode. “But during rehearsal, the rig was not set up correctly, and there was no safety stop on the end of it.”

Candace Cameron Bure in a scene from Fuller House
Michael Yarish / Netflix

The original Full House cast member added, “When I landed off the zip line and stopped, the whole mechanism — which is all metal and very, very heavy — slid right off the track and came right next to my head within an inch. … If I just even shifted my weight the tiniest bit, it would have probably broken my neck and landed right on top of my head.”

As a result, Candace pointed out, “The stunt guy was fired. And [director] Mark [Cendrowski]’s like, ‘We’re not doing this stunt. Like, redo the whole set, because we’re not doing that stunt anymore.'”

Candace’s co-star Scott Weinger — who portrayed D.J.’s longtime love interest, Steve — witnessed the terrifying moment and “couldn’t even get a word out because it happened within one second,” she explained.

Despite how “traumatic” the stunt incident was for her, Candace emphasized how much she loved working on the spinoff series.

Fuller House came to an end in 2020 following five seasons. Since the show was successful, fans have expressed interest in another spinoff. However, original series cast member Bob Saget died in 2022, leaving the fate of the show unknown.

Last year, Jodie, 42, exclusively revealed to Hollywood Life that another Full House series isn’t off the table, but without Bob, another project likely wouldn’t be the “same.”

“I would always leave that door open [to work on another show], but I will say that I think now without Bob — that’s been … on all of our minds is like, would it ever be the same without, without Danny Tanner?” Jodie told Hollywood Life in December 2023. “So, we’ll see. But I will never say that I wouldn’t play Stephanie [again].”