Camila Cabello Admits She Feels ‘Lonely’ in Rare Interview After Shawn Mendes Split

Less than one year after their most recent split, the 'Havana' singer opened up about where she stands today during a February 21 interview.

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Camila Cabello Says She Feels ‘Lonely’ After Shawn Mendes Split
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Camila Cabello, 26, and her ex, Shawn Mendes, 25, broke up again last June and she is still reeling from the separation. The songstress opened up about her current emotions and her upcoming album during a February 21 interview with Puss Puss Magazine. She even revealed that the theme for her upcoming record is connected to the heartbreaking split. “It’s me sitting with this feeling of understanding that I feel really confused as a 26-year-old who I really felt I was in love with this person,” Camila explained.

The brunette beauty and her ex-boyfriend first split at the end of 2021 and briefly reconciled in the spring and summer of 2023. “Now I feel kind of lonely and small and weird, but at the same time, I’m an adult and I feel so strong in other areas of my life, but not this one,” she told the mag. Now, nearly one year after her most recent breakup from Shawn, Camila admitted she is still “wrestling” with several emotions.

“There’s just the wrestling of those feelings without it being kind of neat or in a box,” the pop sensation said of her upcoming project. “You can’t really say that it’s a sad song, you can’t really pin it down. It’s just kind of me wrestling with these feelings and me kind of being really present on a particular feeling and exploring it. I feel like a lot of songs on the album are that.” And although Camila didn’t reveal the official theme of her next album, she did tease that it would be about “reinvention.”

At the top of this month, Camila debuted her new blonde makeover via Instagram and teased new music. During the interview with the outlet, she noted that changing her raven-hued tresses was an act of rebellion. “I feel like I needed to have a different physical appearance, something different to kind of help me channel that energy that I accessed in my songwriting voice more,” she said. The Fifth Harmony alum later admitted that it made her feel “chaotic and brave” and brought back her “unhinged sparkle.”

Now although Camila is no longer dating her “Señorita” co-singer, she is still writing love letters – to her city that is. “I feel like this album is kind of a love letter to Miami, it’s definitely been a safe haven for me,” she disclosed. “Anytime as crazy as life gets, I know I always go there and it’s real. It’s just like my real friends from when I was eight years old. My family, I still have family that’s coming from Cuba. It just keeps me very real and grounded.”