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Rachel Leviss ‘Goes Rogue’ Post-Scandoval: Inside Her Dating Life, Thoughts on Season 11 of ‘VPR’ & More

Hollywood Life's February 2024 digital cover star, Rachel Leviss, opens up about her new hit podcast, 'Rachel Goes Rogue,' her dating life post-Scandoval and so much more in an exclusive Q&A.

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Rachel Leviss February 2024 Hollywood Life Digital Cover
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Whether you’re a fan of reality television or not, there is a good chance you’ve heard of Rachel Leviss. Once known as Raquel, the former Vanderpump Rules star found herself embroiled in a scandal — later dubbed Scandoval — after news of her affair with co-star Tom Sandoval, who was in a long-term relationship with co-star Ariana Madix, went public in March 2023.

No longer a part of the Bravosphere, Rachel “has gone rogue” with a new iHeartRadio podcast where she’s offering listeners her perspective on several subjects — Scandoval related and otherwise.

So, Rachel, tell us: If you could describe your experience last year in three words, what would they be?

Train wreck. Bad judgment. Regret.

‘Rachel Goes Rogue,’ we love the name! How did that come to be?

The title came from a cast member’s attempt to control me. This person actually used the words, “The last thing we need you to do right now is to go rogue,” while I was at an inpatient treatment facility — in reference to me coming back to do the show. It symbolizes breaking free from coercive control and toxic relationships.

Who is your ideal ‘Rachel Goes Rogue’ listener? Do you think that they have to be a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fan?

Anyone invested in Vanderpump Rules, whether supportive or critical. My podcast is meant to bring awareness to toxic relationship dynamics and it breaks the fourth wall in an attempt to create ethical reality TV. My ideal listener would be someone who is currently in or has been in a dysfunctional relationship and wants to gain clarity and insight on how to get out, or someone who doesn’t understand how a person could stay in an unhealthy situation for too long.

Who are some of your dream guests on ‘Rachel Goes Rogue’?

If we are reaching for the stars, I would love to have Monica Lewinsky, Rihanna, and Amy Schumer. I also find Dr. Nicole LePera, Dr. Ramani, and Jay Shetty to be super influential in the psychology world, and would love to pick their brains.

If you had one piece of advice to give someone going through a tough time — a personal ‘Scandoval,’ if you will — what would it be?

Be patient, care for your mental health, seek help, talk about it, and embrace the grieving process. Sit still in it and with it, take time and find a way to distance yourself from it. Time and distance will bring clarity and healing.

Do you ever see yourself returning to the reality TV space? A spinoff perhaps?

It’s unlikely that I would return to that kind of reality TV — semi-produced reality TV — but I could be open to competition shows or other opportunities, as long as it’s ethical.

If not television, how about a memoir?

I do have projects in the pipeline, including a special medium about my story with details to be revealed later.

We gotta ask, any updates on your dating life?

I’m currently dating myself! Focusing on self-care, making amends, and rebuilding friendships before inviting someone new into my life.

Is there anything you still regret about your last season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Life experiences shape us. The show’s good — and bad — contributed to my personal growth and strength. No regrets about doing the show but definitely how things unfolded and the people that were hurt.

Are you tuning in to the new season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

My podcast has allowed me to have a voice and a public platform to discuss whatever I feel like is necessary for me to address as the season continues. I am sharing my perspective of what is going down on our TV screens from a new point of view having been in the mix for so long, which I think will be interesting to the listener.