Courteney Cox Calls Her Infamous ‘Scream 3’ Bangs ‘Embarrassing’ in Hilarious New Video: Watch

The actress shared a funny clip of her doing 'construction' as she looked back at some throwback photos of herself on workers' shirts.

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Courteney Cox, 59, gave her fans a laugh on Tuesday, when she shared a funny clip of her mocking some of her old looks, including the time she sported very short bangs in the 2000 film Scream 3. The actress took to Instagram to post the video, which showed her working outside in a black T-shirt and jeans as someone came up to her wearing a gray hoodie that featured a still shot of her character, Gale Weathers, with the controversial hairstyle.

“What’s going on?” the person asked. “Oh, construction,” Courteney replied before noticing her image on the hoodie. “What is that? Don’t wear that sweatshirt. Now, the bangs…come on, that’s ridiculous. That’s embarrassing,” she hilariously replied before going to check on workers inside.

As Courteney walked inside, the video showed all of the workers wearing sweatshirts with images of some of her characters with wild hairstyles on them. The theme to The Twilight Zone then started to play before she looked shocked and muttered, “Oh” and ran out.

Courteney’s latest lighthearted video about her Scream 3 bangs comes two years after she told Drew Barrymore there was “nothing worse” than the hairstyle, during an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show. “Each Scream I would try to come up with a different look for her that was just over the top gross, or ugly or too much,” she said at the time.

Courteney Cox
Courteney in ‘Scream 3.’ (Shutterstock)

When her Scream costar, Neve Campbell, who was also a part of the interview, asked, “The bangs?,” Courteney confirmed she didn’t like them. “Oh that was the worst. I forgot about that. There was nothing worse. That was a big lesson in life because that will forever be on film,” she said.

Although Courteney wore clip-in bangs during the film, she admitted they only had one set to work with. “One set of bangs. I remember they were cut on the set. You are supposed to have a thing that starts back here, far back and that’s where the part goes for the bangs,” she explained as she pointed to the back of the head where the bangs should have been placed. “For some reason, they put it here [pointing toward the center of her head] and started cutting it and I was like, ‘Well I don’t have a choice now.'”