Gypsy Rose Blanchard Says Her Mom Dee Dee ‘Chained’ Her to Her Bed for 2 Weeks After She Tried to Run Away

Gypsy Rose Blanchard revealed before her mother's murder, she had attempted to runaway and managed to get out of town, before being returned to Dee Dee.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of the Blanchard Family

Gypsy Rose Blanchard opened up about how her mother Dee Dee punished her when she tried to make a run for it amid her abuse. Gypsy Rose, 32, admitted that she tried to run away, but she was caught during an interview on The View on Friday, January 5. Sunny Hostin had asked her why she felt like she had to resort to murder and didn’t try to alert the authorities or another family member. “I did try to run away,” Gypsy Rose explained.

Gypsy Rose revealed that she discusses her attempt to make a break for it in the upcoming docuseries The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.  She revealed that even though she had some success running away, when she was caught, her mother’s abuse worsened. “The first time I tried to run away from home, within four hours—I got as far as the outside of town,” she said. “Within four hours, she brought me back to the home, chained me to the bed, left me there for two weeks without a lot of food, water. I had to urinate on myself or in a bucket as she held the chain.”

Courtesy of the Blanchard Family

She continued and said that she was too frightened to try to run away or escape the abuse in another way, saying that her mother was always with her during medical procedures, except in the operating room. “I was in the mindset of: ‘I’m so afraid of her. I’m so afraid that if I reach out for help another time, it will be worse for me,'” she said.

Since getting out of prison, Gypsy Rose has spoken about her mother’s abuse in a few interviews and also expressed regret for her death. She did admit that she thinks that she would still be facing the same medical abuse from Dee Dee, if she was still alive, in a CNN interview. “I think that if my mother were still here, I would still be under this abusive medical abuse that I was going through,” she told the outlet.