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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is Convinced She’d Still Be Under Dee Dee’s ‘Medical Abuse’ if Her Mother Was Still Alive

Gypsy Rose Blanchard admitted that she believes that she'd likely have succumbed to the many unnecessary medications and procedures that she'd gone through before someone caught on to the abuse.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of the Blanchard Family

Gypsy Rose Blanchard explained that she believed that she’d still be under her mom Dee Dee Blanchard’s medical abuse” if she was still alive today in a tell-all interview with CNN on Friday, January 5. Gypsy Rose, 32, also explained that despite everything, she still regrets that her mother was killed and her part in her murder.

Gypsy Rose explained that she thinks if Dee Dee were still alive, she doesn’t think that anything would’ve changed, and she couldn’t foresee how things would pan out. “I think that if my mother were still here, I would still be under this abusive medical abuse that I was going through,” she told CNN“I don’t think that there would have been an end in sight for me.”

Courtesy of the Blanchard Family

Gypsy continued and said that even though she thinks someone could’ve caught on to her mom’s lies about her medical issues and age, she also didn’t think that someone would’ve intervened in time. “I realize that there are resources and things that are put in place to protect kids from going through what I went through,” she said. “Unfortunately I just fell through the cracks of all of it.”

Since being released from prison, Gypsy Rose has spoken out quite a bit about her mother. She’s also expressed regret about her mom’s murder in a Good Morning America interview with Deborah Roberts. “I don’t believe my mother was a monster,” she said. “She had a lot of demons herself that she was struggling with. … I didn’t want her dead, I just wanted out of my situation, and I thought that was the only way out.

She also admitted that she hoped that sharing her story could be “a cautionary tale” for others also experiencing what she went through. “There is this massive amount of support. And I appreciate that. But I’m dealing with a lot of self-guilt and regrets myself. So, it’s a battle going on in my heart and in my mind,” she said.