Kelly Osbourne Reveals the Surprising Christmas Gift She Wants Despite Her Parents’ Disapproval: ‘It’s My Time’

Her brother, Jack Osbourne, came to her defense while opening up about Sharon Osbourne's past in the Christmas episode of 'The Osbournes.'

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Kelly Osbourne revealed that all she wants for Christmas is plastic surgery! The former reality star, 39, admitted that she’s thinking about getting some work done on the latest episode of The Osbournes podcast on Tuesday, December 19. Kelly’s parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne expressed their disapproval, but she explained that she thought it was just the right time.

The family was talking about the holidays when Kelly revealed what was on her holiday wishlist. “I think I’ve decided what I want for Christmas: plastic surgery,” she said gesturing to her neck. Her parents immediately chimed in to advise against it. Ozzy told her “don’t” do it. “I just think it’s my time,” she said.

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Sharon explained that she believed that it was “too early” for her daughter to begin getting plastic surgery, but her son Jack Osbourne asked about when she began to get work done herself. “How old were you when you first started your journey down the road of cosmetic surgeries?” he said. On the podcast, Sharon revealed that she began undergoing surgeries when she was in her early 40s. “Kelly’s 39,” Jack responded.

When her brother pointed out that she was on the verge of her 40s, Kelly explained that while it was hard to believe, she was looking forward to the new decade. The family then discussed how fast time goes by. “Can you f**king believe it?” she said. “I’m not like bummed out about it. I’m excited, because I feel like when you’re 40, you get respected more.”

As Jack mentioned, Sharon is no stranger to getting cosmetic procedures done. She’s been very open about her experiences with plastic surgery and losing weight by taking Ozempic. Still, she definitely has had her own experiences that didn’t exactly go as planned. Back in September, she detailed a 2021 facelift gone awry in an interview with The Daily Star. “There’s not one part of my body that I haven’t had twisted, lifted, elongated, whatever,” she said. “I had a full facelift done in October and I looked like one of those f**king mummies that they wrap [with bandages].”