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Glen Powell Admits He ‘Almost Died’ Filming Nude Cliff Scene in ‘Anyone But You’ With Sydney Sweeney

The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star said it was still a ‘really fun scene’ and the ‘Euphoria’ actress joked that she is ‘very acquainted with Glen now.’ 

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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney at the 2023 Anyone But You New York City premiere
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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s rom-com, Anyone But You, has been the talk of the town due to their convincing chemistry. However, the Top Gun: Maverick actor, 35, revealed that he experienced a “safety issue” while filming his nude cliff scene. Glen explained the moment to Variety at the December 11 New York City premiere of their film.  

“Taking your clothes off on the side of a cliff in a hurry is not safe either,” he pointed out. “Nobody talks about that safety issue on set, where I almost died falling off a cliff taking my pants off too fast. But it’s a really fun scene, so it was all worth it. … You just have to grip it and rip it on a scene like that. You know you’re not going to leave that filming day looking cool, so you just have to embrace it.”

The scene required Glen to quickly strip off his clothes at the top of a cliff while Sydney, 26, removed a spider from his shorts. She got a full view of him while he bent over in the moment, in which his character was frantic about the arachnid. The Euphoria actress also recalled shooting the scene and revealed that she was bitten by that spider. 

“There’s the spider itself, which actually bit me, and that was a whole thing,” Sydney said. “And then, we have the part of Glen bending over and me checking to see if there are more spiders … I’m very acquainted with Glen now,” she joked. 

Over the past year, fans have anxiously awaited for the release of Sydney and Glen’s movie, which hits theaters on December 22. The film follows enemies Bea (Sydney) and Ben (Glen), who have an impromptu reunion at a destination wedding. They decide to pretend to be a couple and hilariously struggle to make the romance look legit. Multiple scenes feature Sydney and Glen in steamy moments, from makeouts to embraces. 

The co-stars also appeared on Today, where host Hoda Kotb pressed them about their off-screen relationship. Glen recently split from girlfriend Gigi Paris, and Sydney hasn’t been vocal about her engagement to fiancé Jonathan Davino. However, the actors laughed off the thought of a romance between them, since they were, in fact, just acting for the camera, and Glen insisted that they have a strong friendship. 

“No, no, but we do love each other,” the Devotion star noted. “Honestly, this is one of the most spectacular humans I’ve ever met. She’s really incredible.”