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Jana Kramer Hilariously Recalls Fiancé Allan Russell’s Anxiety Ahead of Birth of Their Son: He Had a ‘Moment of Panic’

The singer gave details on the ups and downs of her delivery, in a new episode of her podcast.

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Jana Kramer, Alan Russell
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Jana Kramer, 39, revealed her fiancé Allan Russell went into a “panic” when seeing her in pain during the birth of their son Roman on November 13, in a new episode of her Whine Down podcast. The singer was discussing the ups and downs of her delivery in the hospital when she brought up her soon-to-be husband’s reactions. She also admitted she was also nervous while getting an IV before undergoing the c-section.

“[I told the anesthesiologist], ‘I’m gonna need something stronger.’ I was like, ‘Let me tell you something. I freak out when I don’t feel my legs,’” she explained while adding that the fear of not being able to move her legs comes from “being tied down when I was in an abusive relationship” with ex Michael Gambino.

Jana Kramer, Allan Russell
Jana and Allan at a previous event. (Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.com / MEGA)

“He’s getting all gummed up, which he later said that when he was sitting in the chairs, when they rolled me back, like, he had a moment of panic,” she added, referring to Allan, whom she got engaged to in May. “But he did stay so calm with me, which was amazing.”

Jana went on to say that when the procedure started, she felt, “I was there, but I wasn’t” due to the amount of medication she was given. She does, however, remember feeling Allan’s hand on her forehead. “He just had his head on my forehead the entire time, just was holding my hand and caressing my head, and I remember that,” she said.

“I remember hearing [Roman] cry, you know, the tugging, a little bit,” she continued. “And when they placed him on my chest, I remember that, and then, pretty much everything else is just kind of a blur until I woke up in the recovery room and still didn’t feel my legs. I was like, ‘Can I have more of whatever you guys gave me until my legs come back?’ And [the nurse] was like, ‘You are maxed out.’”

Jana also hilariously explained that after the c-section, she wasn’t allowed to eat until she passed gas. “I’ve never farted in front of Allan,” she revealed. “I would not dare fart in front of him, ever. But I’m like, ‘All I want to do is fart. Like, I don’t care if it’s in front of him, I don’t care if it’s loud. Like, I just need to fart.’”

She was able to eventually pass gas without Allan noticing. “This lady came in to do — she’s like a [physical therapist] — to kind of show me how to log roll and get in and out of bed and stuff like that when I get home. And when I was doing the little log roll things, there was a little, ‘Pfft,’ but nobody heard,” she said.

Jana, who is also the mother of her two oldest kids, Jolie, 7, and Jace, 4, with ex Mike Caussin, confirmed she and Allan have been enjoying spending time at home with their new baby boy but wishes she spent more than two days in the hospital. “Typically, it’s three days. It’s the mother’s discretion to leave if they want to leave if they want to leave,” she said.