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Joey Fatone Says He Would ‘Love’ His Daughters to See an NSYNC Concert

The former boy band member reveals that he wants to get to share the experience of what it was like to see him and his group live with his family in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life.

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When NSYNC made their return with the single “Better Place,” many fans asked about whether or not a tour was in the works. Joey Fatone revealed that he also has hopes for some future live performances with NSYNC so that he can share the experience with his two daughters in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life. Joey was chatting with HL about his partnership with body contouring treatment AirSculpt, when he spoke about the possibility of the boy band performing live.

With NSYNC dropping their first single in 20 years in September, it naturally led to lots of questions about whether there would be a reunion tour or a new album. Joey said that undergoing the AirSculpt treatment only welcomed more curiosity. “Especially even now that I even did the AirSculpt, people are like ‘Oh, what are you doing? Are you getting tour ready?’ I’m like, ‘Hehe, no!’ I’m actually just trying to do it for me,” he says.

Joey and NSYNC at the 2023 MTV VMAs. (Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

“I think that for people that are interested and they’re asking, I don’t think it’s a problem and I don’t mind answering, because of the fact that hopefully soon, I will get an answer,” Joey tells HL. “Whether it be yes, whether it be no, I hate saying, ‘I don’t know yet,’ but it is true.”

When I mentioned that I was too young to see NSYNC live back when they were touring, Joey said that he felt the same because his daughters also never got to see the boy band perform. “I have that same feeling — believe it or not — for my daughters. My kids have never really seen me perform with NSYNC. So for people that are fans that grew up listening to us, I feel almost the same way. It sounds weird, but it is true because I want my kids to see what I did. They hear about it. They’ve seen about it,” he says.

Even though his older girl got a small glimpse of NSYNC live during their 2019 appearance at Coachella (sans Justin Timberlake), he wants her to see the whole thing! “My older daughter was the only one that got a chance. She saw when we did Coachella with the four of us, but that was with Ariana Grande. And yes, it was great,” he admits. “But it was just one song really. And we didn’t do our show or our tour. So again, if we get a chance to do it, I’d love to just because of the fact that I would love my kids to see it as well.”

Joey Fatone’s jawline one month after the AirSculpt procedure. (Courtesy of AirSculpt)

While he may not necessarily be getting “tour ready” with NSYNC just yet, Joey did have lots of great things to say about the body contouring procedure AirSculpt, which he described as “basically a luxury, less invasive lipo.” He spoke about also using the procedure as a “jumpstart” to get into working out.

“I always want to do something a little bit to kind of kickstart. To do this procedure was awesome. Dr. Aaron Rollins was awesome. [He] talked me through the whole thing,” Joey explains. “The results of it are crazy as far as with only within a month of how the results have been. I mean my jawline, you can see that now. And the crazy thing is you can’t even see a scar. Or like, literally maybe a mark or something you can see. It’s crazy!”

Joey Fatone’s profile one month after AirSculpt procedure. (Courtesy of AirSculpt)

Joey definitely looks great following the AirSculpt procedure, and even though he may not be hitting the road with NSYNC anytime soon, he did tell us about his “Joey Fatone and Friends” show, where he’s had tons of guests (including his old bandmates) and another opportunity where he fans may get to see him. “I just did a show not too long ago in Tampa, which was kind of a 90s concert with myself and AJ [McLean] from Backstreet Boys,” he says. “We’ve been actually negotiating and probably are going to do a 15-city tour next year coming up with myself and AJ.”

The “It’s Gonna Be Me” singer also gave a bit of a preview of what fans could anticipate at the “small theater” run, which will include “90s throwbacks” and “a mixture of everything else,” including special guests. “You don’t know who’s going to come out there. Lance will probably be coming out. I’ve also had Chris come out so you never know who’s gonna come out to those shows,” he says.

Even though NSYNC fans are always wanting more from the band, it’s clear that Joey has plenty of projects in the works for his fans to have great experiences, with a bit of the boy band feel in there.