Jamie Lynn Spears Reacts to Her Shocking ‘DWTS’ Elimination & Fans Who Are ‘Not Happy’ With the Results

The ‘Zoey 101’ alum thanked fans who were ‘not happy’ with the results and vowed to root for the other ‘fabulous contestants.’ 

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Jamie Lynn Spears
Image Credit: ABC

Jamie Lynn Spears is nothing but thankful for the time she had on Dancing With the Stars despite her shocking elimination after Latin Night. “Alan, you’re the absolute best friend and partner that anyone could ever ask for,” the Zoey 101 alum, 32, wrote via Instagram, referring to her dance partner, Alan Bersten.

She continued. “I got to raise some money for my #SAGAFTRA community and meet some of the most amazing [people], and that’s a win by all accounts in what I set out to do. Softball moms are hot.”

Previously, Jamie pledge to donate her weekly salary to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. In her Instagram statement, the former Nickelodeon star thanked her fans for their support. 

“Yalllllll, I promise I hear and see all the many wonderfully passionate [people] who are not happy with the way things fell tonight, and I appreciate the tremendous amount love and support,” she continued, adding, “But this was an amazing experience, and I’m very happy to have been a part of it, and soooo excited to see all the fabulous contestants and their partners continue to KILL it each week [sic]!!!!!”

Jamie Lynn Spears Alan Bersten

Jamie’s elimination from the show surprised viewers and DWTS stars alike, including judge Derek Hough. 

“Honestly, it’s quite surprising,” Derek, 38, said to the Sweet Magnolias star after the results came in. “Jamie Lynn, you were fantastic. It’s just, wow. It’s a shocker, honestly.”

Before she made her ballroom debut in September, Jamie opened up about the hard work that goes into the dance show during an appearance on Good Morning America. 

“I don’t know if one can ever be 100 percent ready to take on something this big,” she admitted. “I didn’t realize what a commitment it is, but it definitely is. I’m ready to challenge myself.”

The Zoey 102 film actress also recalled how her eldest daughter, Maddie, “was very motivated for [her mom] to do this.” 

“My 15-year-old was like, ‘You’re going to dance on TV? What are you doing mom?’” Jamie began. “But she was like, ‘Mom, you have to do it.’ She’s an athlete, so I think she wants to see me kind of push myself. … Typically I’d be working on different ventures, but I think it’s just important that I have this opportunity. And if I get up there and even if I embarrass myself, I’m doing it for a good reason and hopefully giving back to the community that’s literally given back to me since I was a little girl.”

Since Jamie donated her DWTS earnings to the SAG-AFTRA strike, she reflected on how she wanted to use the reality competition series as a “unique opportunity” to give back to her community while they “cannot work.” 

“So, I figured I’ll do this, and I will donate my weekly salary … to just give back to them at a time where they can’t give back to themselves,” Jamie concluded.