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Robyn Brown Slams ‘Ridiculous & Bogus’ Claim She Turned Kody Against the Other Sister Wives

Robyn Brown denies turning Kody Brown against the other sister wives and says they 'need to stop talking about me.'

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Robyn Brown
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The drama within the Brown family never ends. Janelle and Christine Brown continue to talk about their issues with Kody Brown and his favoritism toward Robyn Brown, which they believe has impacted his relationship with them.

“Robyn plays this really weird card where she forgets or she doesn’t know why and that’s a typical MO for her. I can’t even bring anything up with Kody about Robyn because she’s perfect, she’s supportive, she’s the only one who’s been loyal. He just shuts it down. There’s no communication,” Janelle says in the October 1 episode of Sister Wives.

Christine Brown
Christine Brown in the October 1 episode. (TLC)

Robyn, 44, who says she does not “consider myself a victim,” decides to weigh in on the talk that she’s played a role in Kody’s rifts with Janelle and Christine. “This whole story about that I turned him against them is ridiculous and bogus,” Robyn declares. “They’re just not dealing with their own issues. They need to stop talking about me.”

Christine reveals a defining moment in her relationship with Robyn that rubbed her the wrong way. “To me, being a sister wife means someone that is there to help you with your kids. When she decided to get a nanny, it really was a line. It really was a line in the sand,” Christine says. 

Janelle points out that Kody then “gauged everything by the way that Robyn perceived the relationships or that Kody perceived how we were with Robyn. How you treat Robyn is how if you’re a good sister wife or not.”

During Meri Brown’s talk with Robyn about moving, Robyn tells Meri, 52, that “what Christine’s done” has “messed” Kody up. “Christine totally just destroyed his past, like what he thought was a functional situation. She basically said it was horrible every single minute of every single day type of thing,” Robyn adds.

Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown in the October 1 episode. (TLC)

Meri doesn’t believe that’s exactly what Christine said. “I believe she had frustrations and if that’s what Kody interpreted it as and relayed to Robyn as such, I don’t think that’s fair,” Meri says. While talking about his “struggles” with Christine, Kody reveals that he believes Christine wasn’t “a good fit in polygamy.”

Christine’s issues with Kody and Robyn go back years. Christine has always been open about how she felt like Kody preferred Robyn over the other sister wives. In an earlier episode, Robyn said she always wanted to have a relationship with Christine. Christine admitted that she “would have rejected” a friendship with Robyn. “If Robyn approached me and wanted to be friends I would have not been friends still because I couldn’t trust her,” Christine said. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.