The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard Denies He Is the Father of Woman’s Unborn Twins After One-Night Stand

The reality TV star called the unidentified woman’s claims ‘baseless,’ while she alleged that he has been ‘cold and heartless.’ 

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Clayton Echard
Image Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

Clayton Echard is denying that he is the father of an unnamed woman’s unborn twins following their alleged one-night stand. Nevertheless, The Bachelor alum, 30, will take a paternity test, according to court documents obtained by The Sun. 

The woman — who is choosing to remain anonymous — claimed that she and Clayton “engaged in sexual activity” on May 20, according to court documents that were reportedly submitted on August 1. The unidentified woman further claimed that she “hadn’t been [sexually active] with anyone since March of 2022,” and therefore, Clayton must be the father. After taking two at-home pregnancy tests following their alleged hookup, she visited an urgent care center, where they confirmed on June 1 that she was expecting twins.

The anonymous woman alleged in her filing that she sent the ABC personality a copy of her positive pregnancy test results. She then claimed that he doubted she was pregnant. That month, Clayton allegedly “purchased a pregnancy test” and visited her home to have her prove to him that she wasn’t lying. Per her court filing, the woman claimed that Clayton sent her a message that read, “I wanted you to come over to confirm what I was doubting. And it did confirm that. So, I don’t see you as a liar anymore.”  

However, Clayton allegedly blocked the woman, and they mainly communicated over email, according to the court documents. In additional alleged messages from him, Clayton wrote the woman that his “hatred will only grow if [she decided] to put [him] through all of this.” 

“If it ends up being my child, I have decided that either you’ll take 100 percent custody of the child, or it will be put up for adoption. I will not be raising it in any capacity,” another alleged message from Clayton read. A third note allegedly from the reality TV star read,  “My personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.”

In her court filing, the “self-help podcast” host claimed that Clayton’s behavior has been “cold and heartless.” Additionally, she alleged that he had agreed to take a paternity test in August. However, after she put down a $725 deposit, he ultimately “refused.”

“He has come up with bizarre scenarios where he has claimed that I only wanted to explore a relationship with him because I wasn’t actually pregnant but wanted to get pregnant with his child during that time, even though I had been very clear that I had no expectations of having sex with him if we did,” the woman claimed in her court filing. “He then said that my anti-epileptic meds made me test positive (which I quickly disproved), or maybe I was taking fertility drugs or weight loss pills that altered the results.”

For Clayton’s part, he told The Sun that he plans to sue the woman and claimed that her allegations were “groundless and lacking in merit.” On top of this, he alleged that they “never had sexual intercourse.” Clayton also alleged that he was the one who insisted on taking the paternity test, which he is scheduled to do on Tuesday, September 26. Both parties will appear in court on Thursday, September 28. The woman is expected to give birth to her twins in February.