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Kim Kardashian Gives Off Major Kris Jenner Energy in ‘AHS’ Season 12 Premiere

Learned from the best! Kim Kardashian clearly took some notes from momager Kris Jenner to play her character, Siobhan, in 'AHS' season 12.

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Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner
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You’re doing amazing, Kimmy. Kim Kardashian made her scripted TV debut in American Horror Story: Delicate, which premiered on September 20. Kim, 42, plays Siobhan Corbyn, the sassy publicist of Emma Roberts’ Anna Alcott, in season 12. In her very first scene, Kim exudes the power of Kris Jenner with her commanding presence, no-nonsense attitude, and her ability to book her client.

Siobhan is spearheading Anna’s Oscar campaign. Kim’s character is stoked when she’s able to book Anna on Watch What Happens Live! solo. Anna got her big break on a CW show, and Siobhan is more than ready to elevate Anna’s career.

Right away, AHS fans noticed the similarities between Kim’s character and her real-life mother. “Kim Kardashian basically being her mom Kris Jenner in #AHS Delicate #AHSDelicate,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote, “Kim Kardashian basically being Kris Jenner in AHS Delicate is amazing.”

Anna and Siobhan didn’t meet in the Hollywood arena. They first crossed paths at an IVF support group. Siobhan’s IVF journey didn’t work out, and now Anna’s trying the process again. Anna asks Siobhan if the IVF situation bothers her. “Your joy is my joy. You’re my best friend,” Siobhan says.

After Anna’s Watch What Happens Live! appearance, Siobhan is thrilled when she gets a “maybe” for Time 100. If that doesn’t scream Kris Jenner energy…

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner in ‘The Kardashians.’ (Hulu)

In a preview for the weeks to come, Kim goes into full momager mode. “We need to rehab your image,” Siobhan tells Anna. She’s even got minions to back her up, played by AHS vets Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman. In a scene where art imitates life for Kim, Siobhan says to her client, “You’re famous now, and sometimes it blows.”

Kim has become a reality TV staple with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Kardashians, and more, but this is her first real foray into acting other than SNL. “This show is so different and scary. Anytime you try something, you just have to have the intention of growing and challenging yourself, and you just kind of release and have fun,” she said in a behind-the-scenes video for AHS. New episodes of American Horror Story: Delicate air Wednesdays on FX.