Are Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall Dating After Steamy Kiss? ‘Selling the OC’ Spoilers

‘Selling the OC’ viewers saw Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall kiss after his split from Brittany Snow. Caution: Season 2 spoilers below!

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Are Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall Dating? ‘Selling the OC’ Season 2
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Selling the OC fans have watched Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall’s relationship go from friendly flirting to intense chemistry after his split from ex-wife Brittany Snow. Where do they stand now? Keep reading for details. Caution: Season 2 spoilers are below!

What Happens Between Tyler and Alex on ‘Selling the OC’?

Season 2 ends with Tyler, 34, and Alex, 33, making out in a hot tub at coworker Polly Brindle’s birthday party after their connection became impossible to deny.

“You are so different than anybody I’ve ever dated. You’re loud. You’re opinionated,” Tyler told Alex before their steamy kiss. “You are a nightmare, and I genuinely love everything about you.”

Alex gushed over her “cute” relationship with Tyler and explained how she felt filming their budding romance.

“You guys get to have a first look at what we went through I think one thing about this show, and this cast is, we are all — most of us — we wear our hearts on our sleeves and we’re not afraid to give you guys 110 percent of us,” Alex told Entertainment Tonight on September 8, teasing that their dynamic “plays into season 3.”

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Are Tyler and Alex Dating on ‘Selling the OC’?

The pair are “navigating their friendship,” Alex continued, playing coy about their dynamic. 

“I’m excited to see season 3. I was very excited to watch season 2 and our moments, and the whole season and, altogether, I think was great and I think our friendship is cute,” she said. “We have little time capsules now, sweet moments.” 

The two realtors first raised eyebrows during season 1 of Selling the OC when their friendship seemed a bit too cozy amid his relationship with Brittany, 37. Tyler and the Pitch Perfect actress wed in March 2020 and announced their divorce in September 2022, weeks after season 1 of Selling the OC premiered on Netflix. 

“This decision was made with love and mutual respect for one another. We have realized we need to take some time and make sure we are each living our most fulfilling and authentic lives,” the former couple shared in a joint statement at the time. “We started this journey as best friends and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie. We sincerely appreciate your support and ask for privacy as we navigate this new chapter.”

Their divorce was finalized in July 2023, according to court documents obtained by People. The California native talked very openly about his split during season 2 of Selling the OC.

“I was married for two years, and as of recently I’m going through a public divorce [that’s] still being finalized. It takes some time,” he said during a private interview. “It is difficult and heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be a negative thing as well. I think there’s a stigma with divorce and change that it all has to be bad, but that’s not necessarily true.”