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Victoria Beckham Rushes To Save Daughter Harper, 12, From Restaurant Brawl In Miami Involving Lionel Messi

The fashion icon was seen heading quickly to a car from Gekko after a patron got into a fight with security for reportedly trying to snap photos of Lionel Messi.

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Victoria Beckham was swift in getting her daughter Harper into a car after a fight broke out at Gekko in Miami on Friday, Aug. 11. The mother and daughter quickly walked out of the restaurant and Victoria sent her daughter into the waiting black car in the video, which you can see here, via DailyMail. The former Spice Girl, 49, and her husband David Beckham, 48, were with their 12-year-old daughter with Lionel Messi, 36, and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, 35, when a fight broke out between security and another patron who they said was snapping photos of Messi.

While some fans gathered close to the car and called out to Victoria, she quickly put her daughter in the vehicle and closed the door. Before Harper got in the car, the designer gave her daughter a hug. After Harper was securely in the vehicle, Victoria appeared to head back to the restaurant.

Harper Beckham is seen on the field with Lionel Messi. (Shutterstock)

While the Beckhams were out for a night on the town with Messi and his wife, a fight reportedly broke out between a man and security. The man claimed he was trying to take a family photo while celebrating his daughter’s 21st birthday, but security believed he was trying to get a sly pic of Messi. Later in the video, the man could be seen leaving the restaurant with his face bloodied. “They jumped at us, they kicked me out and punched me in the face,” he said. “Just because my homeboy was trying to take a picture with his wife, not with Beckham or Messi, nothing. It was a family thing.”

Despite the man’s claims, a spokesperson for Gekko had a different story for Page Six. “An intoxicated guest was overbearingly taking photos of fellow guests and was asked to stop. He continued taking photos and was calmly escorted off property,” they said. “The guest then returned in an aggressive attempt to rush the door and re-enter the restaurant, to which he was prevented from entering.”

Messi walks with Harper to the field. (Shutterstock)

Despite the fight, David and Victoria both shared photos from the night out on their Instagrams, as did Antonela. The soccer star’s photo was a selfie with Messi, himself, his son Cruz, and fellow soccer player Jordi Alba. Both Victoria and Antonela posted the same shot of themselves at the restaurant. “I LOVE MIAMI!!! So much fun last night,” the former popstar wrote in her caption.