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‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Carrie Decides To Move & Miranda Makes A Shocking Discovery

Carrie begins to think about selling her iconic apartment, while Miranda becomes convinced that Brady and Lily are hooking up.

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The August 9 episode of And Just Like That begins with Aidan and Carrie doing the same dance of staying in Che’s apartment. Everything’s all good between them, but Aidan still refuses to go to Carrie’s apartment.

His 14-year-old son, Wyatt, FaceTimes him when he’s with Carrie. He says hi to Carrie over the phone, but it’s very brief. After the call’s over, Aidan strips down to his tighty-whities. Carrie and Aidan’s safe cocoon at Che’s is broken when they get kicked out of Che’s apartment. Aidan just had to talk to the people downstairs.

John Corbett
John Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker as Aidan and Carrie. (Max)

Million Dollar Listing New York’s Ryan Serhant helps Seema and Ravi look for an apartment. Seema and Ravi can’t resist each other anymore and have sex in the apartment before closing the deal.

Miranda and Brady have a mother-son chat, and she brings up a summer programming internship in Costa Rica. She doesn’t want him to just continue working at Scout. Miranda wants the ambitious Lily to meet with her son, and Charlotte later talks to Lily about hanging out with Brady. The mission? Getting Brady to go to college.

Miranda’s new living situation takes a turn when Nya finds a lover. Miranda can hear everything that’s going on in the other room. Meanwhile, Che gets a new romantic interest after a run-in at the vet’s office.

Carrie returns to her apartment and finds a kitten in the middle of her floor. Che has brought the little one home and wants Carrie to keep it. Carrie explains to Che the whole Aidan situation and how he won’t come back to the apartment. She’s honest about the fact that a lot of bad things went down in her apartment all those years ago.

Seema and Ravi join Aidan and Carrie for dinner. Ravi and Aidan immediately hit it off. Giuseppe and Anthony are still seeing each other, but they haven’t hooked up yet. Anthony keeps pushing Giuseppe away and refuses to let him come up to his place.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis as Miranda and Charlotte. (Max)

Carrie starts to think she wants to sell her apartment and move. Seema finds her a place, so Carrie has to show it to Miranda and Charlotte first. She tells the girls she can see herself living in this apartment. Carrie explains that Aidan — “the man I love” — won’t set foot inside her place. They can’t keep up this song and dance of living out of hotels forever. Carrie gets a call from Aidan’s ex-wife, Kathy, who wants to meet for coffee.

In order to get a shower, Miranda goes back to her old place in Brooklyn. She discovers Lily coming out of Brady’s bedroom with no pants on. Miranda is convinced they’re hooking up. Charlotte refuses to believe it at first, but she soon comes around to the idea and considers all the possibilities.

Brady joins Miranda at Harry’s special fundraising dinner for Herbert. Miranda knows for sure Brady and Lily are hooking up because Brady would have never come to the event otherwise. Miranda and Charlotte can’t stop snooping on Brady and Lily throughout the night. However, Charlotte eventually comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to know what Lily and Brady are doing. It’s none of her business.

There’s some baby juju going around because Nya finds out that her ex is expecting a baby with the girl he told her not to worry about. This kills her mood with her new man instantly. Lisa has been exhausted from working on a treatment for her doc and falls asleep before Herbert’s event. She shows up at the last minute just before Herbert’s speech to reveal that she’s pregnant.

Anthony still can’t wrap his head around why Giuseppe is into him. He tries to convince himself that Giuseppe wants a 90 Day Fiance-esque relationship out of him. Turns out, Giuseppe’s mom was born in Buffalo. He just genuinely likes Anthony.

Carrie meets Aidan’s ex for coffee. Kathy has one request from Carrie: don’t write about her sons. Carrie is happy to oblige. She reveals details about the new apartment and how there will be room for the kids. Kathy knows about Carrie’s history with Aidan. “You can’t hurt him again,” Kathy says. This relationship impacts her boys, too. This is something Carrie’s never had to think about.

Carrie brings Aidan to the new apartment and says she’ll be getting rid of her old place if she decides to buy. Aidan wants this to be her decision. He doesn’t want her to do this for him. She brings up what Kathy said to her and asks him what he thinks about it. Aidan stresses that they’re in a different time and different place. They’ll fight and work it out, but they deserve to be happy together.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (Max)

“I know I want to be with you. I want everything that goes with that,” Carrie declares. She promises not to “turn away” from him. That’s all Aidan’s ever needed to hear.

Carrie returns to her old apartment and catches Lisette on her way out. Lisette is upset that the guys she sublets from are moving back to New York. She doesn’t want to leave this building. Carrie sees this as a sign from the universe. She’s going to let Lisette sublet her apartment. Carrie calls Seema to move forward with buying the new place. Carrie’s not charging headfirst into the future and moving into the next chapter of her life.