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‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Miranda Attempts To Work Through Her Family Drama With Steve & Brady

Carrie crosses paths with another person from her past, while Miranda deals with the fallout of her decisions.

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And Just like that
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Carrie is at breakfast when she spots Enid, her former Vogue editor, in the restaurant. After 34 years at Vogue, Condé Nast has let her go. But Enid’s not going quietly into the night. She has a wildly successful newsletter, and Carrie wants her book to be featured in it.

Carrie asks Enid about mentioning her new book in the newsletter, but Enid isn’t so sure. She’s currently preoccupied with launching her new online magazine — Vivant — about women their age. She wants Carrie to get involved, despite Carrie not exactly being in the same age group. Carrie reluctantly decides to go to a startup event for Enid’s website in order to get that mention. She’s also distracted by a random man named Marlin texting her.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (Max)

Meanwhile, Lily and Rock are heading out for 4 weeks. Charlotte, Harry, Lisa, and Herbert are all excited for some free time with the kids away. Lisa and Herbert remind Harry and Charlotte about their 20th wedding anniversary party coming up.

Miranda is back home in Brooklyn sleeping on the couch. Steve is still living in the brownstone and has been getting ripped since Miranda been galavanting with Che. Miranda is still worried about Brady and signed the family up for therapy.

At therapy, Brady announces that he’s officially over his breakup, but he wants to discuss Steve and Miranda’s split. He wants to know what’s going on with them. No matter how much they try to protect him from their drama, he’s stuck in the middle of whatever this is.

Steve is more forthcoming during the therapy session, while Miranda is silent. “This is not who she is, just so you know,” Brady says. The therapist thinks there should be a more permanent solution for the split. Miranda offers to move, but Steve says he can move closer to Scout. Brady also takes this moment to reveal he’s not going to start college in the fall. Steve is supportive, but Miranda says nothing. Inside, she’s screaming.

And Just Like That
Steve, Brady, and Miranda at therapy. (Max)

Miranda and Carrie go check out Che’s new place. Che’s ex-husband Lyle is there. Che and Miranda have a passionate reunion, so Carrie and Lyle are forced to make small talk. Lyle explains his backstory to Carrie while Che and Miranda get their alone time.

With all this free time, Charlotte and Harry get some very sexy one-on-one time. Their afternoon romp hits a bit of a snag when it comes to Harry finishing. They go to the doctor to get everything checked out, and Harry is fine. Harry just needs to strengthen his pelvic floor. Charlotte whips that pelvic floor into shape in no time.

Later, Charlotte and Harry go to Lisa and Herbert’s 20th wedding anniversary celebration. Mark, played by Victor Garber, is there and hits it off with Charlotte. He’s a gallery owner and wants Charlotte to come to work for him. Charlotte is hesitant and thinks she needs to focus on her kids, but he urges her to call him if she changes her mind.

Lisa and Herbert’s party isn’t exactly a success, and that’s because Herbert forgot to send the invitations. Lisa equally messed up by not ordering the cake for the party. Herbert’s mom and Lisa’s father give them a hard time. Lisa announces to everyone at the party that Herbert is running for city comptroller.

Carrie, Miranda, Che, and Lyle get drunk at Che’s apartment. Che and Lyle reminisce about their “poly pioneer” days. Carrie hits her uncomfortable limit for the night and leaves. In the middle of the night, Che and Miranda start to hook up while Lyle is in the same bed. Lyle wakes up and starts to become a part of it. Miranda begins to freak out a bit and needs a minute to think things through.

In the blink of an eye, Miranda just goes for the threesome. Che and Lyle really go for it, and Miranda is left out. Miranda gets a charley horse in the middle of it all. She heads out of the room to sleep on the couch and tells Che and Lyle to have fun. Che follows Miranda and sleeps with her on the couch.

Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem, Carrie, and Enid. (Max)

Carrie attends the Vivant startup party for Enid after some encouragement from Seema. Bitsy spots Carrie at the party and reveals she’s the one who gave Marlin her number. Bitsy wanted to cheer her up and get her under someone else. Bitsy tells Carrie that Marline’s the “best sex” she’s had since Bobby. Carrie admits she always thought Bobby was gay. “He was! That’s why he tried so hard,” Bitsy quips.

At the party, the Gloria Steinem makes a speech. In the middle of it, Bitsy sends Marlin’s d**k pic to Carrie. Turns out, Enid doesn’t want Carrie to write for the website. She wants Carrie to hand over $100,000. Carrie turns Enid’s own words back on her. Carrie asks Gloria to get a photo with her and Enid. Afterward, Enid offers to put Carrie’s book in her Ask Enid newsletter in exchange for some cash. When Enid looks back through Carrie’s photos, she recognizes the d**k pic — it’s Marlin’s! Marlin just so happens to be Enid’s new boyfriend! After some awkward tension, Carrie agrees to give Enid some money for her new startup.