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‘AGT’ Recap: The Judges Surprise One Act With The Last Golden Buzzer Of Season 18

The final acts took the 'AGT' stage during the August 8 episode, and one dance group became an instant frontrunner!

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America's Got Talent
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The final round of the America’s Got Talent season 18 auditions begins with a man named Wesley singing and playing the piano. Howie Mandel quickly presses his red X. Suddenly, an audience member gets up and yells to give Wesley another chance. Turns out, she’s part of the act.

More people begin to pop up in the audience. They’re all a part of the Improv Everywhere group. The crew even has a marching band and UCLA choir incorporated into their performance. The whole act is quite the spectacle. The judges are pretty torn on this act. Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum are fans, but Sofia Vergara and Howie are not. Ultimately, it comes down to Howie, and he doesn’t give the group the “yes” they need.

Donovyn Diaz on ‘AGT.’

Balancing act Duo Dadiva also splits the judges with their performance. While Sofia thinks the act was “amazing,” Simon says he found it a “bit boring.” Heidi has “mixed feelings” as well. Duo Dadiva is going to get a second chance because they a “yes” from 3 judges.

Dancer Donovyn Diaz dazzles with his emotional and stunning performance. Sofia raves that Donovyn is a “spectacular” performer. Howie recognizes that everyone in the room felt the emotion radiating from Donovyn. “You are a total star,” Simon declares. Donovyn is moving forward!

Playful impressionist Papayaso is a delight for the judges. Heather and her 3-legged dog Bogart capture the hearts of the judges with their act. “I have a feeling Bogart is going to be a big hit on America’s Got Talent,” Heidi says.

Aerialist duo Morgan & Roxi have only been working on this act for 9 weeks, but they are total pros. They defy gravity in the air, and the judges take notice. The duo is headed to the next round of the competition.

Morgan & Roxi
Morgan & Roxi on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Josh Alfred hits the AGT stage multiple times during the night with different acts. Every time, he’s rejected by the judges.

Titos Tsai from Taiwan brings together dancing and swordwork with his act. His theatrical performance is riveting. He earns rapturous applause from the audience. “It was mesmerizing,” Heidi gushes. Titos tells the judges that his top dream has been to be on AGT, and now that dream has come true!

Eduardo Antonio Trevino is a total star. The 11-year-old mariachi soloist takes AGT by storm with his terrific performance. “You have a natural talent,” Simon raves.

Magician Kevin Li has a long career ahead of him. His act keeps the judges on the edge of their seats the entire time. He takes things to a whole new level when he pops a popcorn kernel out of his eye! “You’re just good, and you’re cool, and you’re different,” Simon says. Howie believes Kevin just had a “career and life-changing performance.”

Eduardo Antonio Trevino
Eduardo Antonio Trevino performing on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

The final act of the night is the dance group Chibi Unity. They were inspired by season 17 winner Mayyas to come on AGT. Their performance is an absolute masterclass and the perfect Vegas act. You can’t take your eyes off Chibi Unity. Howie notes that the dance class of season 18 is off the charts, but Chibi Unity just “took it to another level.”

Sofia tells the group, “It was the best dancing I have ever seen in my life.” Simon knows what needs to be done. Simon, the judges, and the Terry Crews come together to give the very last Golden Buzzer of season 18, which sends Chibi Unity straight to the live shows!