Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals He Recently Met A Son He Only Just ‘Discovered’ He Had

On the fourth anniversary of Beth Chapman's death, Duane' Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman revealed that he felt 'restored' after learning he was a father of a man named Jon.

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“For the last four years, this day was a terrible reminder of one of the greatest losses of my life,” Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman posted on June 26, the fourth anniversary of the death of his beloved wife, Beth Chapman. Duane, 70, usually observes the day with a solemn tribute, but today, he shared some amazing news. “God redeemed this day when I discovered my son, Jon, who I just met recently, was born on this day. So now, instead of sorrow, this day has a new meaning.”

“This is my son Jon and his wife, Jodi,” Duane added while sharing a photo of his son and his daughter-in-law. Jon appeared to have his father’s chin and jawline and dressed sharply in the picture with his polo, jeans, belt buckle, and boots. Jon’s wife was living her rockabilly weekend dream, wearing cuffed jeans, a bare-shoulder blouse, and a pair of pink sunglasses.

The forthcoming memoir, available in 2024, reveals a whole new side of a bounty hunter who is living proof that God loves each of his children, has a good purpose and plan for them, and will never stop tracking them down until they come home,” reads the item’s listing online.

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In his IG post, Duane didn’t share who Jon’s mother was or how they reconnected. He said that tale was saved for a forthcoming memoir. “The whole story of Jon is told in my new book, Nine Lives and Counting, coming SOON,” he said before adding, “For anyone who has suffered a terrible loss, please know God restores and redeems. Happy birthday son, love you both.”

So, does this make Jon “lucky 13?” As of 2021, Dog The Bounty Hunter was known to be a father of a dozen children: Christopher Michael Hecht, 53, Duane Lee Chapman II, 50; Leland Blane Chapman, 46; Wesley Chapman, 43; James Robert Champan, 41; Barbara Katie Chapman (who died in 2006 at age 23); Tucker Dee Chapman, 39; Lyssa Rae Chapman, 36; Bonnie Joanne Chapman, 24; Garry Chapman, 22; and Cecily Barmore-Chapman. Dog is also a grandfather to about seven grandchildren, though that number might be updated if Jon and Jodi are parents.

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Though Beth Chapman passed away in June 2019, the month is slowly becoming a joyous one for the Chapman family. In 2022, Dog and Beth’s daughter Lyssaa married her partner, Leiana Evensen, in a Hawaiian ceremony. On June 3 of that year, Lyssa announced the matrimony while sharing scenes from the ceremony.

“With our feet in the water, we connected ourselves to the power and vastness of the ocean,” wrote Lyssa. “We were hugged by the majestic Ko’olau mountain range, that will continue hugging us as we live and spend the rest of our lives together at Makaalamihi. There, with Uncle David officiating, we stated our declarations of intent, said our vows, and began life together OFFICIALLY as wife and wife.”