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DJ Khaled Shares Video Of Terrifying Surfing Accident That Left Him Injured & ‘In So Much Pain’: Watch

DJ Khaled hurt his ribs while falling off a motorized surfboard during his Turks and Caicos vacation. Get the details here.

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DJ Khaled
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DJ Khaled suffered a nasty fall while vacationing in Turks and Caicos over the weekend and has documented his painful recovery journey for his fans. The “Wild Thoughts” hitmaker, 47, shared an Instagram video on June 11 of the fall itself, which happened as he attempted to stand up on an electric hydrofoil surfboard. He completely wiped out and seemingly did a belly flop on the edge of the board before it popped up violently out of the water, as seen below.

The video of his accident followed a clip Khaled posted from a massage table in which he gave more insight into the ordeal. “So I’m getting a message right now because I hurt myself yesterday surfing … flying through the sky, hitting the board on my rib. Bellyflopping in the water,” he began. “I’m in so much pain. I tried to golf this morning. I played, I made it to the eighth hole and I stopped myself because I know I’m gonna every day.”

“I called a doctor … just to look and make sure it ain’t nothing serious,” the father of two continued as his massage was in progress. “My masseuse is saying it’s just the muscle,” he added. “She feels the muscle really irritated and disturbed in that area but now it’s like, it’s affecting the process of the progress and I can’t have that.”

He let fans know that he felt the need to update them because he was “depressed leaving the golf course.” Khaled continued, “I gotta be smart so I can play every other day. … I don’t wanna hurt myself and not be able to play golf. I’ll be back on the course tomorrow. I promise you.”

Sure enough, the “All I Do Is Win” rapper returned to the golf course and looked as good as new. However, that was far from the case. In another video he shared, Khaled talked to fans once more before getting an X-Ray taken. “I have golf seven days a week. It’s golf and studio seven days a week,” he explained with a sense of urgency, in disbelief that his injury was affecting him so much. He later confirmed to the doctor that he is “in the middle of making some incredible music” and has “some shoots” to complete. “I’m just hoping it’s just a bruised muscle or just a bruise. I wanna make sure the bone is not broken,” he added.

In his latest video, shared on June 14, he revealed he denied a cat scan because he didn’t want to be in such a tight space. His video ended with a clip of him golfing, which had him excited and energized.

Khaled has been in Turks and Caicos since at least June 8, which is when he shared footage of himself and his family flying to the gorgeous island in a private jet. He also confirmed he had some work to do in the studio. “FAN LUV I BEEN WORKING ON NEW ANTHEMS ! NEW MUISC ! NEW ENERGY ! NEW BLESSING ! TAKING THE STUDIO TO TURKS,” he enthusiastically captioned the video.

Khaled is no stranger to injuries caused by aquatic hobbies. In 2017, he cut his leg while trying to get his jetski dislodged from some branches that were in the water. He used the injury as a teachable moment. “I cut myself. The key is don’t panic,” he told fans in the Instagram clip he shared (seen here), which showed blood running down his leg. “This ain’t no joke, team. I ain’t panicking, I just got to figure it out. I am stuck in a tree in the ocean.”