‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale Recap: [Spoiler]’s Life Is In Jeopardy & Link Professes His Love To Jo

A beloved doctor collapsed and appeared to be near death in the final moments of the 'Grey's Anatomy' season 19 finale.

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Simone’s wedding day has arrived, but she’s a little hesitant about the nuptials. After Trey leaves her house, Simone goes to Lucas’ room and finds that he’s already left without her. Can you blame him?

Winston is heading to Boston because he’s been nominated for a Catherine Fox Award. Before he goes, Teddy reveals that he’s the new head of cardio. Winston is overjoyed.

Simone on her wedding day. (ABC)

Even though she’s getting married in a matter of hours, Simone heads to the hospital. She finds Lucas and questions him about leaving without her. But the conversation is more than that. “I can’t deny that we have a connection,” she says. “I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to lose you from my life.” However, she’s still getting married and asks him to take care of her patient. “I’d do anything for you,” Lucas replies. Swoon.

On his way to Simone’s wedding. Blue encounters a mother and her son, who appears to have suffered opioid poisoning. The youngster is going to be okay, but Owen tells Blue to call child protection services on the mother just in case. Suddenly, the mother collapses. Later, Owen tells Blue that Enzo’s tox screen came back clean, but he believes Blue was right about the poisoning, except he believes its synthetic fentanyl.

Winston, Nick, Bailey, Catherine, and Richard head out on a private flight to Boston for the ceremony. Amelia joins them as well. Winston is still feeling the sting of Amelia’s harsh words and asks to not sit beside her. They try to hash it out on the plane. She stands by her apology, but she does believe that he was supposed to stand by Maggie, not compete with her.

The plane hits some serious turbulence, which is sure to give any Grey’s Anatomy fan PTSD from the other plane crash. Everyone starts to freak out. Winston and Amelia even hold hands Richard grabs a drink, but Bailey knocks it out of his hand before he can take a drink. Once the plane gets out of the turbulence, everything is okay.

Simone’s father shows up as she’s getting ready for her wedding. Simone’s dress breaks and everyone knows it’s not a good sign. When Simone’s grandmother arrives, she thinks Simone is her daughter.

Chris Carmack
Chris Carmack and Camilla Luddington as Link and Jo. (ABC)

Link is still feeling pretty bitter about the Sam and Jo situation. Jo confronts him about it, but he still doesn’t reveal his true feelings for her. Meanwhile, Maxine’s condition deteriorates at the hospital. Blue tries his hardest to save her and even intubates her, despite it not being what she wanted.

Out of the blue, Simone shows up at the hospital in her wedding dress. Lucas can’t believe she’s standing in front of him. “I didn’t get married,” she says. Simone and Lucas walk into an on-call room where it’s just the two of them. He kisses her and gets her out of the wedding dress so they can make love. Finally!

Nick arrives in Boston and shows up at Meredith’s door. He’s greeted by a man named Michael, played by Gilles Marini. Nick believes that Meredith has moved and heads straight for the bar. He’s soon called into Meredith’s lab with Amelia, Richard, and Bailey. They find Meredith on the floor surrounded by papers. “We have to question everything we know about Alzheimer’s if we’re going to cure it,” Meredith declares.

Maggie and Winston cross paths at the hotel. She asks him to help her with her dress. These two can’t deny their feelings for each other for too long. They wind up making love before the ceremony. Despite their hotel tryst, Winston still wants a divorce.

Trey is admitted to the hospital after Simone took off from the wedding. He manages to get a good punch in at Lucas when he gets the chance. Simone swears to Trey that she didn’t leave him because of Lucas. She’s a different person now that she’s moved back to Seattle.

Maxine wakes up and finds herself on a ventilator. Blue says he just needs 24 hours to make sure she can breathe on her own before taking her off the vent. Blue believes he was right to fight for Maxine’s life. Lucas goes to check on Sam while Mika is off doing something else. Suddenly, Sam starts to code. His aorta has transected. He has to get to an OR immediately.

Meanwhile, Jo finds Link outside just staring at the rain. She asks what’s really going on with him before saying that she thinks it’s time for him to move out because “it’s confusing for the kids.” Link tells her that she’s changed his entire life to revolve around her and Luna.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Ben shows up at the awards ceremony and surprises Bailey. Meredith presents the Catherine Fox Award and says it’s going to a doctor involved in a non-surgical project who wasn’t even nominated. Bailey has won the award for her contribution to women’s healthcare. She is completely in shock!

Amelia catches up with Richard after the ceremony and says she’s been looking over Meredith’s research. She’s headed to a meeting because she knows that Meredith is about to sink her brother’s entire legacy. She asks Richard if he wants to join her. He admits that alcohol is the only thing he can think about after the plane turbulence. He tells Amelia that he’s staying behind to wait for Catherine, but he actually ordered a drink.

Meredith drops off a letter for Nick under his hotel door. He steps outside and reads the letter. She admits that she misses him. He asks about Michae. Turns out, Michael is Zola’s tutor. He’s also gay. Nick tells Meredith that the plane situation has made him realize how much he wants to live “with love and mess and pain and you.”

Teddy, Mika, and Lucas are about to go into emergency surgery with Sam when Teddy collapses on the operating room floor. She had been complaining about a toothache earlier. Mika attempts to wake up Teddy, but she gets no response. Soon, Mika loses Teddy’s pulse. Sam is still on the operating table. Lucas flies into action to try and save Sam. Simone steps in to help Lucas. Owen rushes to Teddy’s side after he learns what’s happened.

When he finally gets to the OR, it appears Sam is dead. There’s blood all over the floor. Teddy is in V-fib. He steps in and attempts to revive her.

As Teddy’s life remains in jeopardy, Link and Jo finally come clean about their feelings. Link blesses us with an epic declaration of love. “I’m in love with you, Jo,” he says. Link admits he’s been in love with her since she was a freshman.

“I love you, and I’m gonna love you forever,” he promises. Jo replies, “You unbelievable dummy. I love you, too.” They share an incredible kiss in the rain. Link and Jo fans, we won!