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‘RHOA’ Recap: Kenya Moore Accuses Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend Martell Holt Of Being ‘Abusive’

Things got super awkward at Ross' 40th birthday party when Kenya and Shereé's new boo, Martell Holt, got into a heated argument.

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The latter half of Aaron Ross‘ 40th birthday party played out during the May 14 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and things got pretty wild for Sheree Whitfield. After Kenya Moore revealed Sheree’s new man, Martell Holt, sent her a private DM “at least six months ago”, Sheree invited him to partake in their private conversation. Especially because Monyetta Shaw also told Sheree that she heard Martell has been dating another woman in Atlanta behind Sheree’s back. Instead of worrying about what’s true and not true, Sheree thought it’d be smart to let Martell address the rumors head on.

When it came to the cheating accusation, Martell denied it. He said he’s always with Sheree while he’s in Atlanta, so how could he find time to date another woman in the same city? Obviously, he could be in Atlanta at other times without Sheree knowing about it, but she chose not to think about that type of scenario. Monyetta then asked Martell whether he stopped seeing the woman, and he said she never existed.


Then, when Martell left the conversation to hang out with the husbands again, the ladies brought up Martell’s DM to Kenya. So Sheree brought him back into the mix, showed him the DM request on Kenya’s phone, and asked for his input. But instead of addressing the message head-on, he asked Kenya if it was her phone that he was looking at (don’t liars always answer a question with a question?). Then, he told Sheree to go back to Kenya’s inbox and look at all of her messages because she “probably accepted everybody’s message”.

Kenya couldn’t believe that Martell was “insulting” her. But Kandi Burruss didn’t care about that — she wanted Martell to answer the question. Did he or did he not DM Kenya? “I’m denying that,” he told her. She couldn’t believe that he’d deny sending her a message when they all saw his Instagram message request last week. As Kenya said, he had sent it at least six months ago, but she never accepted it until last week, and when she did finally accept it, the message had already been deleted. So while they could see that he sent a message, they didn’t know what it said. That was until Martell went into his own phone, and saw that he did DM Kenya, but it was “two years ago”. He must have forgotten. What was interesting, though, was the fact that the message wasn’t deleted on his end. So was there more than one message sent? The one he showed the group was from August 2020 and it said, “I appreciate the ‘kind’ words when you were live with [blank].”

Martell thought that’d be the end of the conversation, but it wasn’t. “He could have easily deleted the other part of the message [Kenya] told us about,” Kandi said. And then, Martell got fired up about the whole situation, while dropping an F-bomb or two. Kenya couldn’t believe that Martell would “curse at” her. She told him, “once a cheater always a cheater”, and she predicted that because he cheated on his ex, he’d probably cheat on Sheree too — that is if he hasn’t already done so.

Kenya further told Sheree that Martell is talking to her the same way Bob Whitfield used to talk to Sheree before and after they split up, so she should take that a a sign, but Sheree continued to defend her man. And she did the same later in the episode, when she and Kenya met up for a private one-on-one conversation at the She By Shereé Distribution Center.

Sheree said that what happened at Ross’ birthday party didn’t need to happen. But Kenya couldn’t get past the fact that Martell cursed at her. Sheree told Kenya that she had already seen the DM before the party and she “knew it wasn’t flirtatious”, so that’s why she was being “funny” about the DM at the party and didn’t get upset about it. That’s interesting, though, because if Sheree had already seen the DM, why did Martell initially deny DM’ing Kenya. Wouldn’t he have remembered the DM if he had just recently talked about it with Sheree prior to the party? Is Sheree just trying to save face? Something isn’t adding up there.

Sheree told Kenya that the DM didn’t have to be brought up since it happened before she and Martell met, and Kenya kept going after Sheree for Martell cursing at her. Both ladies kept arguing their own cases, but refused to acknowledge the other’s. In the end, Kenya told Sheree that Martell was “so disrespectful” and “abusive”, so she better be careful.

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