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‘Sweet Tooth’ Creator Reveals Gus Has To ‘Become A Leader’ In Season 2 & Talks Season 3 (Exclusive)

Jim Mickle, creator of 'Sweet Tooth' on Netflix, confirmed he has 'lots of thoughts' about the future of the hit fantasy series.

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Season 2 of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is all about Gus’s selfless mission to save the other hybrids. Jim Mickle, who created the fantasy TV series based on the comic book, told HollywoodLife that Gus will have to “become a leader” after being captured by the Last Men.

“He’s a more mature Gus in season 2,” Jim said in an EXCLUSIVE interview, ahead of the show’s April 27 return. “In season 1, the fun of it was he was so fresh and doe-eyed and you’re showing him this world. In season 2, he’s actually seen a lot of that world and seen a lot of things more so than we’ve even seen in our world.”

Christian Convery
Christian Convery plays Gus in ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Photo: Netflix)

“That was a big thing to sort of get the tone right for him,” Jim added. “This is a grown-up version of him, whereas season 1 he was just a little boy looking for a family. By the beginning of season 2, he’s actually found that family but now he’s got to hang onto them and take the things he’s learned from Jepperd and from his father. It’s a more mature Gus and it’s a Gus that learns he’s got to become a leader in season 2.”

Christian Convery
Christian Convery as Gus in ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Photo: Netflix)

In the new season, Gus, Wendy, and over a dozen other hybrids are struggling in captivity. Viewers will get the chance to meet some of the other hybrids, including Teddy Turtle, Finn Fox, Wally Walrus, and more.

“We have a dozen new hybrids this season. Some of them way more animal even than Gus,” Jim shared. “It’s really fun to get to take all these different characters and throw them into the same scene together was pretty cool. And having to pull off the prosthetics and the puppetry that goes into them was a very cool challenge.”

Sweet Tooth
Gus, Wendy, and the hybrids in ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Photo: Netflix)

Jim also told us that has “lots of thoughts” about season 3 of Sweet Tooth, but he said that right now “season 2 is the big focus” for him. Netflix hasn’t renewed the show for season 3 yet, but fans are expecting more Sweet Tooth to be released considering how big of a hit the show has been.

All 8 episodes of Sweet Tooth season 2 debut Thursday, April 27 on Netflix.