‘Sweet Tooth’s Christian Convery Says Gus Will ‘Take A Deep Dive Into His Dark Origins’ In Season 2 (Exclusive)

The child star of Netflix's smash hit 'Sweet Tooth' reveals what's in store for season 2 Gus in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Sweet Tooth star Christian Convery wants viewers to be prepared to see a different side of Gus in season 2. “You’ve seen Gus grow up in season 1. You’ve seen him overcome these obstacles. But now in season 2, he has grown already, but he proceeds to grow,” Christian told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY ahead of the show’s April 27 return. “He goes from a little deer to a big stag by the end of the season.”

Christian Convery
Christian Convery in ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Photo: Netflix)

In the new season of Netflix’s hit series, Gus and the other hybrids, including Wendy, are held captive by the Last Men, led by the nefarious General Abbott. Gus is separated from his father figure, Jepperd, after leaning on him all of season 1. Christian told us that Gus will rise to the occasion to protect the younger hybrids in captivity.

“He goes through so many changes, like becoming a leader alongside Wendy, and fighting back against General Abbott, and taking a deep dive into his dark origins,” the 13-year-old actor said. “So I really believe that Gus has a lot in store.”

Naledi Murray, who plays the human-pig hybrid Wendy, told HollywoodLife that Wendy and Gus form a “special” friendship while trying to survive the Last Men. “They’re the ones that are the oldest and they talk the most. Without Aimee, she’s kind of alone to help her siblings and take care of them, so it’s really nice when she meets Gus,” Naledi explained. “They’re a powerful duo that take on the leadership role for all the other hybrids and become best buddies by the end of it.”

Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth (Photo: Netflix)

Both young actors agreed that Gus and Wendy’s tight bond stems from the fact that they’re separated from their respective parent figures. Gus doesn’t have Jepperd, and Wendy doesn’t have Aimee. But they have each other as they step up as the leaders for the other hybrids.

“They both have huge similarities,” Christian said about Gus and Wendy. “That makes it easier for them to lean on each other’s shoulders. But I feel that together they become this guiding light for all the littler hybrids. They’re trying to find something to make them better. They’re trying to help them as much as possible.”

All 8 episodes of Sweet Tooth season 2 drop April 27 on Netflix. The series, based on the comic book of the same name, also stars Nonso Anozie, Dania Ramirez, Adeel Akhtar, Aliza Vellani, and Neil Sandilands.