Heather Graham, 53, Says She Doesn’t Feel Like She’s ‘Missing’ Out On Not Having Kids

Amid the release of her new movie, 'On a Wing and a Prayer', Heather Graham opened up about not having any children during a new interview on Apr. 7.

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heather graham no kids
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Hollywood beauty Heather Graham, 53, is living her best childless life! Amid the release of her new film, On a Wing and a Prayer, the Austin Powers star spoke to PEOPLE on Apr. 7, about how she doesn’t regret not having kids. “I don’t feel that I’m missing anything,” the blonde bombshell said. “I do sometimes feel like my projects are little kids; I have started to get more involved in producing and writing and directing.”

heather graham no kids
Heather Graham revealed she doesn’t regret not having kids in a new interview. (Jeremy Smith/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

She also went on to reveal that if she had decided to have kids in her younger years that she thinks it would’ve been “cool”, however, that wasn’t her path. “I think we all have different paths,” Heather shared. “You just have to embrace the one that you’re on. If, somehow, I had had kids, I’m sure that would’ve been cool. But at the moment, not having kids, I do feel free. And I get a lot of sleep. That is pretty great.”

Heather even noted that declaring to be childless in society can often be looked down upon. “I do feel like as a woman, culturally, you’re not allowed to say, ‘I didn’t want to have kids. Because it’s like, what’s wrong with you?'”, she went on. “I think as a man it’s like, oh yeah, cool, you didn’t want to have kids. Now, women are getting more free to just make their own choices.” Heather believes that “the universe” will provide you with “someone or something to nurture”, if you don’t choose to have children. In her case, these days, she often finds herself behind the camera as a producer, writer, and director.

As previously mentioned, Heather’s candid interview about kids comes amid the release of her new movie, On a Wing and a Prayer, which also stars Dennis Quaid, 68. The film is based on the true story of a man named Doug White, who saved his wife and two daughters after successfully landing a plane after the pilot died mid flight. Dennis, plays the role of Doug, while Heather portrays his wife, Terrie White. The 53-year-old took to Instagram on Apr. 7, to share the trailer of the movie and a clever caption. “We’re coming in for a landing! On a Wing and a Prayer is available starting today on Prime Video. #OnAWingAndAPrayer,” she wrote on the clip. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Prior to her work on the Amazon Prime film, Heather appeared on the red carpet for the Extrapolations premiere on Mar. 15. “Went to the premiere of #Extrapolations last night and feeling honored to be part of this incredible cast,” she captioned the carousel of photos of her sparkly silver gown. The cast of the Apple TV+ series is quite impressive, as it includes Meryl StreepGame of Thrones‘ Kit HaringtonFriends alum David SchwimmerSpider-Man star Tobey Maguire, and many more.