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Christina Aguilera Admits To Losing Virginity ‘Later in Life’ & Having Sex With Her Tour Dancers

In a tell-all interview on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, Christina Aguilera opened up about losing her virginity and why she doesn't have a long list of celebrity exes.

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Christina Aguilera gave her first ever podcast interview on the April 5 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper. One topic that came up was Christina’s sex life, including when she lost her virginity. Although she didn’t give an exact age, Christina admitted that it was “later in life than you would think.” She referenced her sexualized image during the “Dirrty” era as to why people probably thought she would have had sex earlier than she did.

The singer also didn’t share who she lost her virginity to, but she did admit that she used to hook up with the dancers who she was touring with over the years. “I had certain dancers who were close. Yuo’re traveling a lot and you only have accessibility to so many things!” she explained. “So it is what it is.” However, looking back, there were some things that Christina didn’t pick up on at the time. “A lot of things where I’m just like…maybe I should’ve realized he wasn’t looking at me…he wasn’t interested in me. He’s looking at HIM,” she laughed. “So sad. I feel bad for my younger self.”

Alex also mentioned that Christina doesn’t seem to have a “roster” of celebrities who she’s dated in the past, and Xtina said that there’s a reason for that. “I’ve had my experience [with celebrities] but my life is hectic enough,” she admitted. “This is a very narcissistic industry. My anxieties couldn’t take somebody that did the same thing I did with like running around and traveling. I know how this goes. I’m too vulnerable for this and too sensitive to be so paranoid. This business is very demanding. It’s a lot. I’ve definitely not been into the celebrity thing.” As for the guys she does like, Christina said she generally goes for the “guy next door.”

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Christina, who has been with her fiance Matthew Rutler since 2010, did not hold back when it came to talking about her sexuality in the interview. She spilled the tea about having sex with her partner on an airplane, including in their seats on commercial international flights. “I actually can’t believe we didn’t get caught!” Xtina dished. “They turn the lights off, there’s room to get creative. Get a blanket and you feel safe with your partner there. You’re just ‘sleeping together’ [to everyone else].”  She also confirmed that she’s masturbated on an airplane, as well.

The conversation also shifted to some of the negative parts of the entertainment industry. Christina shared that it was always hard for her to be pitted against other women throughout her career. “It was like being hit in the face,” she said. “It was hard to constantly feel like you’re making music and doing something you love and then someone’s spinning something so negative about it. It was really hard because sometimes who you were pitted against was someone you actually genuinely loved or respected. Then you have people baiting you. So now I’m excited to see more exposed women supporting women.”