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Brooke Shields Reveals Modeling Advice She Gave Her Daughter, 16: ‘I’m Going To Put You With The Right People’

The iconic actress and model opened up about how she planned to help her younger daughter follow in her footsteps.

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Brooke Shields, 57, admitted that even though at first she “fought” her daughter Grier Hammond Henchy, 16, wanting to go into modeling, she also said that she knew that her daughter would likely pursue the career regardless of what they decided. Brooke opened up about wanting to help her daughter however she can during an interview on The View on Friday, March 31. “The more I fought her, the more she was going to fight to do it,” she said.

Brooke revealed she still told her daughter she wanted her to go to college while pursuing a modeling career. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Despite her initial reluctance, Brooke admitted that she wanted to use everything at her disposal to help set her daughter up for success in the challenging world of modeling. “What’s amazing is IMG, which is the agency, won’t let them do anything until they’re 18, which is so much different, which is amazing,” she said. “She’s quite stunning, but we don’t focus on that, but what I said was, ‘Alright, if you’re going to do this, you’re going to listen to me, and I’m going to put you with the right people to teach you. You need to know how to speak. You need to have opinions. You need to not fall prey to being skinny. You need to learn how to walk.'”

Brooke admitted that she had never walked a runway herself, but her daughter wants to, and she admitted that she wanted to make sure she was protected. “I don’t know anything about that world, and it’s pretty brutal. Backstage at these shows, we hear horror stories. I said, ‘You’re going to have a handler. You’re going to have someone with you all the time,” she said.

Brooke admitted she wanted to set her daughter up with the ‘right people.’ (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Aside from helping her get established in the modeling world, Brooke also said that she required her daughter to go to college, which Grier quickly agreed to. She also said that her older daughter Rowan, 19, is already in college studying to be a broadcast journalist.

Earlier in the interview, Brooke also spoke about a scene in her upcoming Hulu documentary, where she spoke with her children about her movie Pretty Baby, including how there were scenes where she appeared nude, even though she was underage. When speaking about the conversation with her kids, which is shown in the documentary, she revealed she was happy that her daughters formed strong opinions on their own. “I was really proud of my girls for having an opinion and a voice. You see your children become young people, and it’s so great to see that that’s being nurtured in them,” she said.