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Brooke Shields Reveals The Modeling Advice She Gave Daughter Grier, 15, For ‘Surreal’ VS Shoot Together

Brooke Shields' daughter is truly learning from the best! The top model revealed the advice she gave her 15-year-old ahead of their Victoria's Secret shoot together.

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Image Credit: Guy Aroch

Brooke Shields and her daughter Grier Henchy looked like twins instead of mother-daughter in the Victoria’s Secret Intergenerational Mother’s Day campaign. Viewers also would have no idea that this was one of Grier’s first foray into modeling! “It really was surreal to watch her do her homework while we were waiting for our part to be done and I just had this flashback of me doing the same thing– with the clips in her hair and she was working on her chem or something like that,” Brooke recalled in an EXCLUSIVE interview with, while discussing her partnership with Clos du Bois. “The circle of life just happening right in front of you! And I just was looking at her gorgeous little baby skin and face.”

The Pretty Baby star who has modeled since she was 12 said that she “doesn’t offer much advice” to her 15-year-old, because “it will be rejected,” she laughed. However, in this case, Brooke admitted that Grier “actually got vulnerable and instead of pretending she knew what she was doing, she looked at my 56 years and said, ‘Alright mom, I want to do this, I want to learn, can you help me?'”

Brooke Shields & Grier Henchy. (maximon / MEGA)

“I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And I said, ‘But you can’t fight me. You’re going to be uncomfortable. You’re going to want it to be over. You’re not going to want to do the video. You’re going to wish you had more makeup on. All these things are going to happen and you’re going to complain to me, but that isn’t going to change anything,” Brooke recalled telling Grier. “You are there for their vision at this particular that’s part of this job. So, you do it with grace and manners, and you work hard until the job is done.”

Needless to say, the result was absolutely stunning, and Brooke said she thinks Grier could definitely have a successful future in the industry. “I don’t think this industry is going to eat her up,” she told HL. “She has a strong enough character to fight for herself.”

Brooke Shields. (Guy Aroch)

Brooke also dished to HollywoodLife on her Clos du Bois campaign, which brings light to her own business, Beginning Is Now, a global digital platform and brand which offers an authentic and holistic approach to inspire women over the age of 40 to live their fullest lives, have their voices heard, while simultaneously finding strength, wisdom, and humor in each other. “I’m really focusing on ageism in marketing and advertising, and I was approached by Clos du Bois about their ‘Long Live’ campaign. They’re trying to actively change the narrative and flip the script on how we talk about age, and even within the world of wine,” she explained. “People refer to their Chardonnay as ‘an old person’s wine,’ and these all of these labels start to come into your world after 40 and it’s angering because all the women, in particular, that I know, , their kids are grown, they’ve got much more freedom. They’re doing different things. They’re going back into the workforce, they’re starting companies, they’re learning new skills… It’s just indicative of all these new chapters that people over a certain age are really embarking on now.”

The Clos du Bois campaign focuses on how representation matters and those over 50 are, indeed, living vibrantly, adventurously and are thriving. “Vitality and confidence comes with years of living,” Brooke said. Courteney Cox also partnered with the wine brand to direct a music video titled ‘Live A Little,’ which brings more awareness to this campaign!