‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Addison Is Hurt In A Shocking Car Crash

Addison returns to Grey Sloan with a target on her back, and her life is left in jeopardy at the end of the March 23 episode.

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Kate Walsh
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Addison is back at Grey Sloan again to help welcome a group of out-of-state OB-GYN fellows. Grey Sloan is offering a rotation in abortion care because the home states of these fellows are restricting how they practice. There’s an anti-abortion protest raging outside. The protesters have managed to track down Addison’s location.

Mika and Blue are assigned to a patient seeking an abortion. They hear the protesting outside. Addison tells Teddy and Richard that security wants them to close the clinic. Teddy makes the executive decision to stay open and have the police call for backup.

Grey's Anatomy
Addison and Bailey in the March 23 episode. (ABC)

Blue is hit by a brick that’s thrown through a window by a protester. One of the fellows, who is also pregnant, realizes that responsible for the protest because she posted her location.

Nick returns to Grey Sloan as well to assist in a lung transplant surgery. He reveals to Maggie that he only gets a text from Meredith every now and then but nothing substantial. “I told her I loved her, and she pretended not to hear me,” Nick tells Maggie. Maggie can only say that Meredith is “complicated.” That’s for sure.

RJ, the man who is supposed to donate part of his lung for the transplant is hit by a car on the way in. The patient, Jessica, just wants RJ to be okay. Winston has an idea that would make it possible for RJ to donate his lung at some point. He works with Owen to save RJ and the lung. After the successful surgery, Owen tells Winston that it would be a shame for Winston to step out of the OR.

Addison becomes overwhelmed by all hate and breaks down in tears. Bailey finds her in the supply closet. Addison admits she’s been doxxed. It’s gotten so bad that Jake and Henry are staying with his sister. She doesn’t want to give up, but she can’t catch a break.

Grey's Anatomy
Blue and Mika in the March 23 episode. (ABC)

The friend who accompanies the patient seeking an abortion goes into labor. During her delivery, she begins to freak out over the protesters. Bailey and the other doctors sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” to help calm her down as she gives birth.

After watching Jessica sit by RJ’s side and recall how much he means to her, Simone calls Trey. She wants to get married sooner rather than later. She claims this is what she wants. (But is it really?) Meanwhile, Lucas starts to gain some confidence as a doctor. He showcases his potential in front of Nick.

Addison, Bailey, and the other doctors go outside for the first time to see that the protesters are gone. The pregnant fellow takes a moment to confess that she’s the reason why the protestors showed up. Suddenly, a car comes barreling toward them. Addison grabs the fellow and tries to get her out of the car’s path, but she’s too late. They’re both hit by the car and knocked unconscious in front of everyone. Bailey rushes to Addison’s side, but Addison isn’t getting up. Addison, you better wake up, girl!